So this is kind of a cross fan fiction between 'The Twilight Saga,' and 'The Hunger Games Trilogy,' but with whole new characters and setting and people. It kind of isn't a mix of the two stories but it kind of is.

Poppy Mellark is enchanted by Adrian Hale [a vampire]. He seems to have some sort of weird "instinct" over her and soon enough they are a unbelievable couple. A few years later they decide to get married......


4. Are You Okay, Poppy?

I sat next to my best friend; Tilly and throughout the whole lesson she wouldn't stop turning around to look at the new kid, Adrian Hale. I had seen him once before. My cousin, Travis and I were going camping over the summer break and I had seen him hiking through the same route we were taking to set up our tents. He was with two other people, all three of them had unbelievably pale skin and looked astoundingly beautiful, but I didn't pay much attention to them because I had to set up our camp. I didn't see what was such a big deal with having Adrian Hale in the class! All the girls were looking at him like he was some God of beauty. 

"Tilly, the teacher's looking at you." I whispered and she quickly turns around to face the teacher and gives a cheeky smile to our favourite teacher, Miss Beige. After the first two lessons we went to the cafeteria to get some lunch, Tilly and I met up with our group of friends, Lucy, Trent, and Jack. Lucy and Jack were twins with the same blonde wavy hair and brown eyes. Trent was quite built for his age and had black hair with hazel eyes. We start laughing and talking about things that we always talk about until someone clears his throat to interrupt us. 

Lucy and Tilly both screamed excitedly when they turned their heads. "Is it alright if I sit here?" Adrian Hale asked, his voice deep and husky. He looked at me and smirked. 

Lucy and Tilly nodded their heads fast and smiled looking too over the top. I rolled my eyes at them and introduced myself. "Hey, I'm Poppy." I held out my hand for him to shake. 

"Hi, I'm Adrian and a germaphobe." He said looking at my hand. Adrian had golden eyes and black hair that fell in a wave on top of his head. Jack and Trent introduced themselves, too. 

"So what brought you to Forks?" Trent asked. I ate my lunch as I watch Lucy and Tilly giggle and batter their eyelashes.

"You guys are ridiculous." I muttered quietly and Adrian laughed as if he had heard my comment. 

"My cousin's brother used to live here and he gave us his house to live in." Adrian said in that same husky voice. Tilly sighed and flicked her hair off her shoulder trying to get Adrian to look at her. 

"Where's your cousin's brother?" Trent asked. 

"He died." Adrian said sadly and Lucy almost started to cry. Lucy hadn't even met Adrian's cousin before, why did she want to cry for him? 

"Poppy?" Someone said and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned, one of my sister's friends was standing there, their expression sad. 

I got up instantly and followed him out of the cafeteria and down the corridor. "What's wrong with Lily?" I asked, my heart beating fast.

"She was in gym class and we had to pull ourselves up those ropes. When she got the top her foot slipped and she fell to the ground, she's been unconscious for half an hour." Lily's friend said as I opened the door to the nurse's office. 

"Lily?" I said softly, and brush her hair back from her face. Her eyelashes fluttered and she opened her eyes a little bit. 

"Poppy, I can't breathe properly." Lily said, her voice hoarse. 

"An ambulance is on their way, sweetie." The nurse said quietly and rubbed Lily's leg. 

I felt a hand being placed on her shoulder, Jack rubbed my shoulder as I began to think about Lily being badly hurt. The paramedics lifted Lily carefully onto a stretcher and carried her to the ambulance, I got in and immediately and called our mother. I held Lily's hand and she began to cry, saying that she couldn't feel her legs. 

"She's going to be okay, isn't she?" I asked the paramedic in the back next to me. 

"I'm sure she will be." The paramedic said but I wasn't convinced. 

When we got to the hospital, Lily was wheeled away from me and I was greeted by a flawless nurse, she had the same golden coloured eyes as Adrian. "Hi, I'm Danielle. The doctors will take care of your sister, she's going to be okay." Danielle said, and something about her made me think that Lily will be okay, as if Danielle was convincing me with a kind of invisible force. I waited in the waiting room for my mother to get here with an impatient expression. 

My mother finally got to the hospital and I fell into my mother's arms immediately. "What if she doesn't walk ever again?" I cried into my mother's shoulder and my mother started to stroke her hair. 

"I called your father, he's on his way." My mother said. 

She wiped the tears away from my cheeks and smiled weakly. "I'm sure the doctors will do everything they can." My father all but ran to his wife and I.  

I immediately fell into her father's familiar arms. He put one hand on my hair and wrapped his other arms around my torso, like he usually does when I cry. Baylor kissed the top of my head, "It's going to be okay, Poppy. She's going to be fine." My father said and hugged me and my mother to him. 


After 4 hours of pacing, sitting upside down on the chair and sleeping on my  mother's lap, the doctor came out with a sorrowful expression. "No!" I said and crumpled to the ground, tears running down my face fast. 

"I'm sorry, Mr and Mrs Mellark, Lily died in the middle of the surgery." The doctor said.My mother hid her face in my father's chest, as sobs began to take over her body. Tears were dripping from my dad's cheeks down to the ground as he thought about all the good and bad memories he had with his youngest daughter. 

I curled up into a ball, on the floor of the hospital, I couldn't believe my  sister was gone. The nurse from earlier, Danielle came in the hall and told us that we could go in and see Lily's body. Adrian Hale came up behind her and helped me get up off the floor. He lifted my chin with one of his long, pale fingers and said in a low, calm voice. "Are you okay, Poppy?" 

My makeup was running down my wet face, my dark blue eyes, mysterious and guarded. I lifted my chin from out of Adrian's grip and walked into Lily's hospital. I couldn't help but think about why his hand was so cold, it left a cold, tingly feeling on her chin. 



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