So this is kind of a cross fan fiction between 'The Twilight Saga,' and 'The Hunger Games Trilogy,' but with whole new characters and setting and people. It kind of isn't a mix of the two stories but it kind of is.

Poppy Mellark is enchanted by Adrian Hale [a vampire]. He seems to have some sort of weird "instinct" over her and soon enough they are a unbelievable couple. A few years later they decide to get married......


2. Adrian Hale

"Get up! First day of school!" My creator, Alex, yelled outside of my bedroom door. I wasn't asleep because I can never sleep again and I haven't for about almost 85 years, he just has to remind me that I need to do something with my "afterlife". I open the door and race downstairs. Alex and I live alone with his mate, Danni. I catch Alex basically groping Danni's breast, when I walk into the kitchen. "Jeez, keep it "G" rated! Please!" I yelled and turned away. Alex turns around with a smirk and wipes his mouth. "Ready for your first day of High School?" He asked. I went back into my room and picked out some clothes. Black skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt, a brown knit-sweater and matching brown boat shoes. "Yep," I say after I'm dressed and walk into the garage. 

Alex told me all the rules about being a vampire in a human world, he said he once had this brother, Carlisle - but he was long gone now - that had taught him all that he knows now. Carlisle had given us his house and now we live in a three story house, in the most wettest city in America. Carlisle had taught Alex to be a "vegetarian" which meant only eating animals. "Bye Alex, Danni."  I say before pulling out of the garage in my tinted-windowed Jeep Wrangler. I sped through the streets of Forks as rain started to fall down heavily. I got to school just in time for my first class. I hated being on my own, though I never interacted with anyone at school because I rather talk to a wall than anyone here. 

All I wanted was this day to go faster. In my first class, I had to sit next his chubby guy that smelt like he hadn't had a shower in 2 years. It was even worse when I had better sense than anyone in this room. When I was created, Alex discovered that I had a "talented" as he called it, I'm exceptionally great with weapons. Any weapons at all, give me a butter knife and I could drive it into a person's eye. I spent a year and a half installing this weapons system in the Big House. In every light switch, I installed and key pad that activated the weapon system. It was quite easy, really, I just had to get the weapons I wanted. I was good in hand-to-hand combat.

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