So this is kind of a cross fan fiction between 'The Twilight Saga,' and 'The Hunger Games Trilogy,' but with whole new characters and setting and people. It kind of isn't a mix of the two stories but it kind of is.

Poppy Mellark is enchanted by Adrian Hale [a vampire]. He seems to have some sort of weird "instinct" over her and soon enough they are a unbelievable couple. A few years later they decide to get married......




Zinnia was clutching onto my hand, so hard that if I was human,  my hand would have gone red. I pushed her slightly behind me. Adrian shifted a little so half of his body was in front of mine. He crouched down into a defensive position, his foot touching mine. I rested a hand on Zinnia. I could hear her breaths; fast but quiet. "It's gonna be okay, Zinnia. I'm not going to let anyone touch you." I whispered and snarled at the people approaching us. Adrian crouched down even lower and got ready to pounce.

"Mum? There's people behind us." Zinnia said as Adrian took one of them down with his strength and hands. I turned away as fast as I could, hoisting Zinnia up onto my back. I started to run because I didn't want anyone to touch Zinnia. I climb up the highest trees and let out a very high-pitched whistle to see dark figures running through the trees under me. The dark figures are werewolves, thirsting to kill human-crazed vampires. I hear yelps from the werewolves and the cries of pain from the vampires beneath my daughter and I, though I don’t look down or turn back.


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