More Than Pretty

17 year old Kyla moves halfway across the globe to Sydney Australia.
Kyla has a chance to start over, forget her past. But forgetting isn't as easy as it seems.

Kyla's dark past rushes back.
Can the mysterious drummer cure Kyla of her nightmares?

Find out in More Than Pretty.


3. Summer?

It is summer here in Sydney, which means no school, which also means I totally skipped half a year of school! At least I don't have to be the new kid. Ugh school was awkward enough I sure as hell didn't need that on my plate too.

I was listening to my I pod when someone shook my shoulder, I flinched and pushed them away.

It was my younger brother Eli. His blue eyes glazed over.

"Aw I'm sorry kiddo, you startled me." I ruffled his blonde hair.

Both of my brothers had blonde hair from our parents. I was the only one with black hair anywhere in our family line.

He smiled. Eli's whole face transformed when he smiled. He was just one of those people, y'know?

Btw. I'm really sorry that the chapters are really short, I wrote this one a while back and never got around to publishing it. Hopefully I will continue the story though, just we can get to the good part. And Kyla's secret. Ooh I wonder what it is. Lol

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