Why a love story?

Zoella is a young girl who does YouTube videos. Her full name is zoella sugg! Will she fall in love who she's working for


2. chapter two


"Woah am I I'm heaven" I said walking inside the house. "We have to go to the meeting room Zoe so shut up and walk" said my boss. She's cranky. I was so nervous going inside one directions meeting room I guess?... I opened the door and saw every famous people I was working for including~ one direction, selena gomez, justin bieber, Ariana grande, and little mix. "Hello" everyone yelled and agian it became silence. "Hi.." I said with a smile until someone's eyes met mine. "Harry" I said quietly. "Uh did you say something sweety?" Asked Ariana. "I said.. Water I need some water" I said walking out. I could hear Harry giggle.

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