You and I

Claire McKinley was an ordinary girl with lots of friends and good grades everybody seemed to love her until one day she got a shocking phone call from the hospital telling her that her parents were killed in a car accident. She shuts everyone out and doesn't leave her house, but what happens when a certain someone shows up at her door one night? Read to find out.


1. Alone

Claire's POV

I was at my parents funeral staring at the picture displayed where everyone could see it. It was a picture of my parents laughing they looked so happy. I slowly got up as my best friend Danni nudged me letting me know it was my turn to speak, I slowly walked towards the microphone, I slowly sighed and began my speech, " My Parents Anne and Tom were great people, they would make you laugh when you were sad they would make you forget about all your worries, but most importantly they would always let you know how much they loved you and each other", tears were threatning to fall but It seemed as I couldn't hold them back remembering all the memories I had with my parents. " I remember when my dad taught me how to ride my bike I would tell him not to let go and he told me he already did, I was so happy I learned from the best, what happened to them was tragic the world lost wonderful people but heaven gained two angels I said through sobs I-Im sorry" I apologized as I ran off the stage to the nearest bathroom to clean myself up. That was 3 months ago I was staring out the window and replaying the time I got the dreading phone call at school. Ever since my parents died I became depressed, I didn't eat and I would cut. I wouldn't talk to anyone and I wouldn't let anyone in my life except my best friend Danni she was worried about me. I kept getting worse as the months passed and school didn't help I would get bullied for not having parents anymore and would be called the orphan. I felt so alone. One day I decided I would end my life in 2 days.

*2 days later*

Today was the day I would end my life. I was going to jump off the bridge in the dark while everyone's sleeping and join my parents in heaven.

I slowly got up as I heard knocking on the door. I slowly opened it and saw a blond haired boy with blue eyes like the ocean and a green shirt that said lucky to be Irish it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I caught myself staring and asked 'h-how may I help you?' He quickly replied 'my car broke down and I was wondering if you would let me sleep here for just this night' a hint of hope in his voice. I thought about it because I wasn't going to let a complete stranger sleep at my house but it was pouring rain outside and he couldn't get home I felt bad and decided just tonight. 'S-sure' I replied with a nod. 'I didn't catch a name' I said quietly, 'that's because I didn't give one' he joked I couldn't help but smile I hadn't smiled since before my parents died. 'No but on a serious note, I'm Niall Horan' He said proudly. 'My names Claire McKinley' 'What a lovely name Claire' he said and I looked down at the ground and blushed.

Niall's POV

My car broke down in the middle of a small town and there was no fixing it today 'damn it' I said under my breath. I looked at a house ahead and knocked on the door patiently. A gorgeous girl opened the door she had beautiful brown straight hair and breathtaking hazel eyes, she was the definition of beauty. My thoughts were interrupted when she asked me ' h-how may I help you?' I looked at her eyes before answering they looked so sad I wonder why, and then I realized I was staring for too long so I quickly asked if I could sleep here. She looked hesitant but before she said anything she said 'I didn't catch your name' 'That's because I didn't give one' I joked and then said 'I'm Niall Horan' ' I'm Claire McKinley' she replied ,Claire what a pretty name. When she said I could stay here I was relieved because I knew something was wrong and I had to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks guys for reading I hope you guys enjoy the fanfic so far and I'll update really soon so be alert


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