Sexy Short Stories

A compilation of sexual short fan fictions

Comment name, physical description, 1D boy (or boys) and brief plot out line if you want a customised story


1. Who's your daddy (Liam)


I walked up to Chloe's front door to do this stupid project for English. Reluctantly, I knocked. A man answered. He looked too young to be her dad but I assumed he was. He was good looking for an older guy with strong jawline peppered with stubble. "Mr. Payne right?" "You can call me Liam" he smiled kindly. Fuck he was hot. "Uh is Chloe home? We have a school thing to do" I explained "no sorry, I'm all home alone at the moment. Chloe should be home in about two hours. You can come in and wait if you want. I was just watching a movie if you wanna join" he seemed like a cool dad so I took up his offer and stepped inside. Their house was massive and really really nice. Something about her dad being in a band was somewhere in the back of my mind. I followed Mr. Payne into the lounge and sat down next to him on the large sofa. During the movie I noticed he had his arm on the back of the couch behind me but paid no attention to it. The movie came to a really sexual scene and I got quite turned on. By the bulge growing in his pants, I could see Mr. Payne was just as horny. He caught me staring at his hard on and our eyes met. The scene got more intense and I could no longer contain myself. I walked my fingers across the couch over to his legs. They marched up to his crotch. He pretended not to notice but groaned as I started to rub. "This is highly inappropriate Ella. You're like half my age plus I'm happily married with kids." "Mr. Payne, if you don't want, you can always say no." I swung my leg over so I was straddling his lap and he gave in with a sigh. I bent my head down and began pashing  him. He returned the kiss passionately. His large hands wandered down towards my ass as I ground my hips against his hard cock, earning groans of pleasure. I broke the kiss to rip off my top. Mr. Payne took the opportunity to do the same. I ran my hands over his rock hard abs impressed. He did not hesitate in expertly unclasping my bra. He drew back as he marvelled at my firm DD tits. "Holy shit" he muttered under his breath. "They're all yours baby" I encouraged. His strong hands devoured my breasts, massaging, rubbing and playing with them. His mouth moved to one of my nipples. He licked and sucked, nibbling and biting here and there, causing surges of great pleasure while fingering the other one. My hands began to work on undoing his jeans. I began to pull them and his boxers down but I froze when I heard a car in the driveway. "Shit!" He cursed "that'll be Julie and Chloe." We frantically scrambled to get our clothes on and fix our appearances just as the front door opened. Mr. Payne rushed to meet them at the door, informing them of my presence. I greeted Chloe's mum and Chloe before heading up to work on the project but I couldn't get Mr. Payne out of my mind. Julie invited me to stay for dinner and I reluctantly accepted after much insisting. I sat at the table across from Chloe and next to Mr. Payne. They discussed regular family affairs but I felt rather out if place, despite how many times they tried to being me into conversation. Midway through dinner, I felt a hand on my thigh. I knew straight away who it belonged to. Mr. Payne slowly slid his hand up my thigh and underneath my skirt and I stared intently at my food trying to keep a straight face. No one else noticed a thing. I let out a tiny moan as his hand slipped under my thong and a small smirk appeared on Mr. Payne's face but he kept discussing Julie's father. He rubbed my clit with his thumb and I used all my willpower not to scream as two fingers entered me. I tried to subtly slap away his hand but he just ignored me. Mr. Payne began moving his fingers in and out, increasing pace. I coughed to cover my moans as I released. He finally pulled out his fingers and left me in peace. I glared at him but he took no notice. Nor did anyone else. After dinner, Mr. Payne offered to take me home and I accepted biting back a smile. At first the air in the car was thick with tension. "How did you enjoy dinner?" Mr. Payne enquired. "I found it very... pleasurable thank you kind sir" I joked and he cracked a smile " however" I continued "I am looking forward to desert." I earned a laugh with that one. Mr. Payne pulled off the road and parked in a forest clearing. We looked at each other intensely. "Where were we?" He asked seductively.  We both climbed into the back seat and began making out once more. This time he lay on top of me. "We need to make this quick so no ones suspicious" Mr. Payne announced and we proceded to undress. I stared at his large member, standing to full attention in shock. "Uh I don't know if it will fi-" "don't worry babe you'll be fine" he lowered himself over me and I braced myself for impact. His giant cock slammed into me hard and fast. I groaned as I tried to adjust to his enormous size. "Fuck you're tight babe" he commented. He pulled back and slammed into me again, filling me to the brim, pleasure replaced pain as his pumping increased in pace. "Oh god Mr. Payne!" I moaned as he grunted with effort. I threw my head back as I neared climax. "Don't you fucking cum. Don't you fucking dare you fucking wait for me." I tried to hold it back but I could feel myself loosing control. I came seconds before he did. We collapsed on the leather. "You are the fucking sexiest god damn thing in this world. I will be back for more."

Comment name, physical description, 1D boy and brief plot outline for a customised story 

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