Sexy Short Stories

A compilation of sexual short fan fictions

Comment name, physical description, 1D boy (or boys) and brief plot out line if you want a customised story


4. Naughty Maid (Zayn)

I checked myself in the mirror before getting out of the car. I had done this every morning when arriving at the Malik mansion for work over the past few weeks I had been cleaning for them yet I didn't know why. I wanted to look my best for Mr. Malik because I couldn't help but have a crush on the handsome late thirties man but it was hopeless. He had a beautiful wife and a child, with another one on the way. He would never want a girl like me. All the same, I adjusted my uniform to revel a little more of my voluptuous bosom than it should and checked my make up. Sighing, I got out of the car and made my way to the imposing front door, letting myself in to start the day's work. After tirelessly vacuuming all of the giant house I moved into the library to polish the large oak desk. I had to bend over to reach the middle of the oversized desk and I could feel my skirt lifting up, revealing my tight ass and my lacy black g string but it didn't matter. No one was ever home on a Monday. A floorboard creaked behind me and I froze. Looking over my shoulder, I was surprised to see Mr. Malik standing less than a meter away "Oh uh sir I didn't know you were home-" I mumbled embarrassed. I tried to straighten up but he moved closer and held me down against the desk. "Not a problem Miss Smith" he growled huskily, bending over and bringing his mouth chillingly close to my ear "I thought we could get to know each other a little better". In shock and fear, I nodded hastily unable to speak. My whole body tensed as he flipped my skirt up and pulled my thing down to my knees in one smooth movement. His firm hands ran over my ass and I finally found a voice to protest "uh Mr. Malik this should not be happening it is highly unprofessional and-" I was cut off as one of his large hands covered my mouth. "Trust me. You'll enjoy it" he replied. I gulped as I heard him unfasten his pants and drop to the floor. His hand travelled up my inner thighs, easing my legs apart. He moved in closer. I stifled a gasp as I felt his hard member was eased into my anus.

Hope you liked it!!! Favourite and like for more! Comment name, appearance, boy and brief plot outline for a personalised story! Please let me know your thoughts so I know if to write more and how to improve! 3 more likes for next story!

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