Sexy Short Stories

A compilation of sexual short fan fictions

Comment name, physical description, 1D boy (or boys) and brief plot out line if you want a customised story


2. Hot tub antics (Harry)

"Come on Marrisa!" groaned Abby as she dragged me outside by the hand, stumbling towards the hot tub. "Abs this is weird, I'm not drunk enough for this!" "Chillax babe it's fine. Me and Sandy go way back. All her friends are cool as!" We finally arrived at the hot tub where we were greeted by 3 topless girls, only wearing thongs. The music from inside pumped through my veins, mingling with the tequila. What the hell I may as well have fun. I stripped down, following Abby's lead and reluctantly undid my bra. We stepped into the boiling hot tub and sat down. I tried to advert my eyes as two of the girls started hooking up beside me. Abby and Sandy sang along to the music loudly and I sipped on a bottle of vodka. After a while, I began to loosen up as the vodka swam to my brain. After a while Abby and Sandy left to find boys to hook up with and I was left with the two others who were now moaning and grinding on each other. One of them slid her hand into the others pants. They looked at me awkwardly and got out, mumbling that they were going somewhere more private, leaving me with my vodka. After about 10 minutes, I heard a rustle in the bushes behind me. I spun around in surprise to see a boy stumbling out. He was good looking, with curly brown hair and tan skin. My estimates put him at 19, two years older than me. Startled, I covered myself and began to fled. Random girls seeing my tits? Weird but not too bad but a guy?! Out of the question. "Wait!" His voice halted me "you uh you have something on your..." He trailed off awkwardly, gesturing toward my left breast. Slowly I released them and looked down but I couldn't see anything. "Where abouts?" I asked "On your uh nipple thing" he replied "you might wanna try rubbing it off?" I did as he told me and began to rub my nipple with my fingers. I felt it harden at my touch. I looked up to the guy to see if I had got it yet but he shook his head. "Maybe try like pinching and twisting it" he suggested. I began to softly pinch at my nipple, causing a tingle to spark between my legs. "How about now?" I asked. He shook his head again. "Why don't you just come in and help me?" I suggested coyly, catching on to the game he was playing but finding myself too horny to stop. Enthusiastically he got in, first taking off his shirt and jeans. I admired his toned body, impressed. He waded over to me and began to massage both my breasts, moaning as he did. I pushed him back towards the seat so that I was straddling him. His fingers began working on my nipples as I ground my hips into his. I could feel his dick harden beneath me. This turned me on so fucking much. I began to talk dirty to him "babe I can feel you getting hard. Oh god your cock feels big. I bet it's massive. You're making me so wet, my pussy is screaming for your penis. I want you're penis inside me. Filll me with your love. Holy shit now it's even harder. After your done in my pussy I want your fat cock to tear my ass in two. You're making me so horny babe." "You wanna take this to the bushes?" He asked seductively. I nodded and jumped off his lap and into the bushes. He quickly followed and tore off his boxers. My eyes took in his hard dick, filling me with lust. I ripped off my lacy thong and lay down next to him. He rolled on top of me and hovered at my entrance, teasing me. "Just fuck me already!" I pleaded. He didn't need to be told twice. He slammed his giant penis into my vagina with great force. He drew back and thrusted into me again. I screamed with pleasure as he grunted and heaved inside of me. I felt my walls clench around his member as I neared climax. My juices flowed freely as I screamed in orgasm but the boy kept thrusting hard and fast. He squeezed his eyes shut as his slamming became sloppier and he eventually came inside of me with a tribal howl. His penis slipped out as he collapsed on top of me. "So what was your name?" I asked breathlessly. "Harry" he smiled in reply. "So what was it you said you wanted me to do after I was done in your pussy?" He asked jokingly. I turned around to lay on my front, raising my ass in the air like a stretching cat. He waited a minute so that he could get his boner back before slowly penetrating my anus. He moved his member in and out, increasing pace. I felt my hole stretch to fit his fat dick in. He grunted with the effort of fucking my butthole. His hand made their way around to my breasts and held them firmly. I screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he began to thrust into my behind at an impossibly hard and fast rate. I felt him fill my anus with cum as he slowed his thrusting. Despite him reaching his climax, he tried to keep thrusting but his limp penis slipped out. I sat down on the grass, exhausted. He began to kiss my nipples tenderly as I stroked his cock. PLEASE LIKE AND COMMENT THOUGHTS! Also comment name, appearance, 1D boy and plot outline for a personalised sexy short story! 1 like and 3 comments for next story please!
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