Sexy Short Stories

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3. Birthday surprise (Harry) - request for Melanie

The pounding music ran through my veins as I swung my hips to the beat. My arms were wrapped around Harry's neck and his around my waist, dropping lower as the night wore on. I looked up at him and smiled. Our foreheads were touching, his chestnut curls tangling with my long, chocolate hair. His hazel eyes stared into mine, burning with passion and lust. He spontaneously lent down and kissed me hard, mashing his lips into mine with a wild ferocity. I returned his kiss and our warm tongues slipped in and out. I broke away and pushed him back through the swarm of bodies into a near by chair. "Happy birthday baby" I  smiled seductively, crawling onto his lap. I began to give him a lap dance and people started crowding around, cheering. I ground my hips into his and ran my hands over my body sensually. I turned around and bent over, shaking my booty on his crotch. I felt him go hard against my ass and smiled to myself. I turned around and did a slut drop, so my face was inline with his hard area. The roars of encouragement got louder as I ran my hands up his thighs and kissed him through his shorts. Above the din, I heard him groan loudly, slowly I slid my way back up to sit on his lap. I leaned in close and whispered "I have a special surprise for you baby" he raised an eyebrow at this "you might wanna come upstairs before you... unwrap it" I added winking. 
"Fuck babe, I don't need to be told twice" he moaned in desire. I jumped off his lap and lead him away. All his mates cat called and slapped him on the back as we left, many commenting on his 'situation' with remarks such as "nice tent" and "go give the dog her bone" coming from his four best friends Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall as we wove our way through the crowd. As we finally burst through the door into a bedroom, I could tell Harry was super horny. "So Melanie, what's this 'surprise' I hear about?" He asked curiously. 
"Well Harlod" I purred seductively, unzipping my dress, "we could start with this" his mouth formed an 'o' as my little black dress fell to the ground, revealing the saucy lacy black lingerie I had purchased especially go the occasion. His eyes ran over my body hungrily. I walked over to him slowly and seductively. I began by kissing his neck gently at his soft spot he moaned and grabbed at my butt greedily. Moving my kisses down passed his collarbone and on to his chest, I began unbuttoning his shirt. I let it hang open as my mouth explored his sculpted abdomen lovingly. Moving lower still, I felt a shiver run through his body as I got to his pants. Kissing just above his belt, I slid down his jeans and boxers, revealing his rock hard dick. Kissing lower, I ran my hand down his length making him draw a sharp breath. I kissed his tip and held his base in my hand, knowing I couldn't take him all the way. My lips slowly moved over the head of his penis, teasing. I moved my head down so that a good two thirds of his member lay in my mouth. I then moved my head back and then forward again, earning a groan. Harry's hands found my head and wove his fingers through my coffee coloured locks. He took control, moving my head back and forward as he cursed and groaned. He thrusted into my mouth and pushed my head deeper and faster. I felt myself beginning to gag but remained calm as he moved in deeper than he ever had before. "Fuck Melanie you're so good to me" he moaned as his grip tightened. "Babe I'm gonna-" his warning melted into a grunt as his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed and licked his tip before standing up. I pushed him onto the bed as we began making out. His clumsy hands fumbled with my bra as I straddled him. He tore it off and passionately took my breasts in his large hands. He'd always said he liked a good handful and it pleased me to know that my assets satisfied him. He massaged and kneaded as he recovered from the blowjob. Before too long, I felt his naked dick rise against my thong. I slid my panties off so that we were both completely naked. Still straddling him, I hovered off his crotch and looked at him to check he was ready. In reply, his hands roughly grabbed my waist and shoved me down over his dick. I moaned in pain at the sudden penetration but did not hesitate. Tonight was his night, not mine. I rolled up and down, moving his dick in and out of my pussy and he thrusted in time with my movement. He grunted with effort and pleasure as he heaved inside of me. Between gasps he managed to get out "touch them" I looked at him questioningly and he motioned towards my tits. Hesitantly, I moved my hands towards my boobs and began playing with my nipples as I continued to ride his snake. They hardened at my touch and an involuntary moan slipped out. I saw that this pleasured him greatly so I continued to do it as his hands moved to grope my ass. I seductively licked one finger before circling my nipple with it. "Dayum babe you're so hot" Harry moaned as I continued teasing him. "Bounce" he commanded breathlessly and I obeyed by pumping up and down with my thighs, literally bouncing on his dick. He cursed as I did this and I knew he loved it. I did too and I felt myself nearing climax. I returned to grinding on his cock as my energy deserted me and the pit in my stomach released on to his member. Harry kept going, lasting longer than he usually did. He continued pounding up into me but his thrusts got weaker as he neared orgasm. With one final roar, his cum released inside and his limp penis slipped out. I lay down on top of him, exhausted. We sighed in unison and burst out laughing. "I love you so much Melanie" he mumbled as he kissed my cheek. "You too babe, you too" I smiled. And I for the first time, I really meant it.

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