I Should Have Went After Her

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8. Chapter 8

I Should Have Went After Her

Chapter 8

(Your POV)

I opened the door for Calum. He came in and lifted me up. "Hey it's going to be okay. Just try to forget about him. It will take some days but it's okay I promise." What if he hurts me again I said trembling. "He won't hurt you I promise." He said hugging me close to him. "What do you want to do? Go to a movie, watch TV, go get something to eat, have Luke and Mikey over?" He said hinting on the last thing. I shrugged my shoulders. Doesn't matter it's your apartment not mine. "Well if your not up to it I don't want to." Calum it's fine I giggled. "Man it's nice to see you smile again" as the smile on his fave got brighter than ever. I picked up his phone, dialed Luke's number and handed it to him, he wrapped me in his arms again. I started seeing flashbacks of Ashton squeezing my wrists and throwing me up against the wall. I started to shake and tears filled my eyes at the thought of it. I think Calum could tell because he hurried up the conversation and hung up and kissed the top of my head. "It's going to be okay y/n. I promise it's going to be ok." We walked out to the living room area and sat down waiting for the guys to get here. I sat in a ball leaning into Calum holding back tears. I probably looked possessed or something. You could hear Mike and Luke 50 feet down the hall. They barged in as usual seeing me staring into the corner, bloodshot eyes, trembling and holding back tears. "Yo what happened to her." Mike said. "She looks possessed" Luke blurted out. "We'll talk later" Calum said. "Where's Ashton?" They both asked. I turned and started balling into Calum. "Nice one guys I heard him say." After a while I started to calm down and Calum stood up letting me go away from his warm body to go get pizza that the guys brought. He brought a piece out to me. I nodded my head in disgust and felt like I was gonna barf everywhere. Thanks tho I said to him. Once again, he sat down next to me. Luke came over and sat on the small space next to me and leaned into me. What the hell are you doing I said chuckling a little. Cuddling Luke replied. I ended up falling asleep on Calum, Luke still leaning on me. "Is she asleep?" Luke asked quietly. "Yea why" Calum asked. "Tell us what happened." I could hear him tell them everything. Trying to fight back tears through by closed eyes and to his the fact that I was "sleeping." But I didn't work. I felt a hand wipe my tears away automatically knowing it was Calum's hand. "Shh it's okay, it's okay. I'm right here." He whispered to me.

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