I Should Have Went After Her

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4. Chapter 4

I Should Have Went After Her

Chapter 4

(Your POV)

He started kissing me. He licked my bottom lip asking for an entrance as his tounge searched through out my mouth. This was on of the many make out sessions me and Ashton have had. "Well hi" I hear Calums voice from behind the couch. I gasped as Ashton sat up. "Someone was gettin it." He said laughing walking to the kitchen searching our cupboards for food as he usually does every time he's over. "Oh yea by the way you probably should lock the door. Especially when your about to bang y/n" he said from the kitchen. My face turned red. That's not what was happening Calum, I yelled. "Sure okay." "Calum listen mine and y/n relationship isn't all about sex. We've never even had sex. "That's impossible " calum shouted. No it's not we don't even want it. Just be- "HEY GUYS" Luke and Mike come flying through the door. "And there's another reason why you should lock your door. To keep things like these out of here," he said laughing. I started laughing too. We had a really fun night. Ashton beside me the whole time. We talked a lot, played games, asked questions, watched movies, and saw Ashton's crazy side which I absolutely love. When they left Ashton came into the bedroom where I was laying on top of the covers. He came next to me. "I'm sorry about Calum earlier. Maybe we should start locking the door" chuckling. It's fine I mean we've already had this conversation. We'll have sex when were ready. We don't want it now. Right? "Right" he whispered in my ear. "I'm gonna go to bed" he tilted my head and gave me his good night kiss he always gives me and goes under the covers, I do too. I put my phone down and turn of the lights. I feel Ashton's arm wrap around me. "I love you" he says kissing my forehead. I love you too, smiling.

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