I Should Have Went After Her

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3. Chapter 3

I Should Have Went After Her

Chapter 3

(Your POV)

I woke up to a dark room. In our bed. He must've carried me in last night. I smile to the thought of that. I check twitter and all that crap and go out to the kitchen.

Babe, went out to do some grocery shopping. Should be home soon! Love you

He is the sweetest ever. I go jump in the shower and I hear a car pull in the driveway.

"Y/n I'm home!" I her Ash call out from the kitchen. Im in the shower I shout back. I get out and get changed. I walk out and see him sitting on the couch. I sneak up behind him and grab him from behind. "Holy sh*t y/n. Don't do that" he said laughing. He kisses me and I smile as usual. "How'd you sleep beautiful" pretty good how about you. "Eh I couldn't stop thinking about you." I smiled and kissed him. "Wanna go out for breakfast?" He asked putting pieces of my damp heart behind my ear. Why not I said and grabbed the car keys. "I'll drive honey." I tossed the keys to him as we got in. He started the car and we started driving away. He grabbed my hand. "Where do you wanna go?" He said softly. Doesn't matter up to you. When do you go back on tour I asked nervously. "A few weeks but I'm taking you with me this time" he said happily. Omg I can't go another whole month without seeing you I said laughing. I could see a smile form on his face. We ended up pulling into Ihop. He knows that's my favorite breakfast place. We got out of the car and went into breakfast. After a long breakfast we headed back home. I walked inside and plopped on the couch. He sat next to me. "What do you wanna do y/n?" I don't care. You can invite the boys over of you want. "Are you sure or do you wanna have alone time?" We had a good morning now it's time for you to have fun, I said smiling. Honestly I loved it when the boys were over. They were hilarious and Ash always has this side I never new about. His crazy, completely whacked and hilarious self. I loved it. "Okay I'll call them." He stood up to grab his phone and called. "They'll be over in like 20 minutes." Okay . "But until then..."

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