I Should Have Went After Her

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12. Chapter 12

I Should Have Went After Her

Chapter 12

(Calum's POV)

"Your all I have left" she managed to say behind her tears. I can't believe I left you here, I shouldn't have. I continued wrapping her around in my arms. I'm here it's okay. I kissed her forehead and comforted her the best that I could. I felt so bad for not being with her tonight. I should've have came home sooner, I should've stayed here right next to you. Not leaving your side. I managed to get a smile out of her after I said that. Are you okay? I asked her softly. "Yea I'm just scared to death." I picked her up and carried her into our room. I'm not sure if she knew it was "our" room but it is now. I layed her down on her side of the bed. I covered her up and kissed the tip of her nose. I sat there rubbing her back until she slowly drifted to sleep. I started talking aloud. Man I wish I could actually tell you how much I love you. I wish you were always mine. Screw Ashton he's so stupid. Ugh I'm so stupid I should have went after u before him. You would be the happiest girl alive.

(Your POV)

Calum thought you were sleeping. But you weren't and you heard every word he said.

{Next Morning}

I woke up seeing Calum still sleeping. I slowly got out of bed and walked outside of the room. I grabbed my phone seeing texts from Ashton. I needed to get over him but I just couldn't. I texted:

We have to meet up and talk.

He replied:

Okay coffee shop at 12

I glanced at the clock seeing it was about 9:30. I could already feel my heart beating in my chest. I could feel my body tremble with fear. I all of a sudden feel someone grab me around the waste. I scream as they cover my mouth. "Shh it's just me." Calum said laughing. F*ck you. I yelled at him. You almost gave me a heart attack. I'm going to talk to Ashton today. I told him quietly. Even after what I heard him say last night, I still have to straighten stuff out with Ashton. Whether we get back together or not. "Okay are you sure your ready?" Yea I'm good. He gave me a big hug as I hugged him back. "Sorry I had to do that," he whispered in my ear.

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