I Should Have Went After Her

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10. Chapter 10

I Should Have Went After Her

Chapter 10

(Your POV)

I woke up and looked to my left seeing Calum still asleep. I glanced at the clock seeing it say 8:49. I thought about Ashton a little bit. And I realized that I am okay. Calum's here. I feel bad that he's spending all this time with me and taking all this time away from his life to keep me on my feet. I slowly got out of bed and went into the kitchen. I didn't no how to repay him. I know when Ashton would always make breakfast for me, I would smile and would feel wanted. Maybe I can make him breakfast! I got out all of the stuff and started making it. I just finished making it when he walks out of the room. "Man what smells so good?" Trying to let his eyes adjust to the bright lights. When he sees all the food he is in complete aww. "What is this for" he asked. I replied "you." "And why did you do this?" Well you've been keeping me here for the past few nights and comforting me and everything. I had to repay you. "No you didn't y/n" so i guess I might as well throw all of this away as I started to pick it up, being a tease. "No no no no that's okay. Why let all this food go to waste" he basically begged. He ate and I watched. My phone vibrated and I looked at it.

Ashton: y/n can we please talk

"Is it Ashton ?"

Yea idk what to say, showing him the message.

"Whatever your heart feels like sweetie."

I replied "idk I don't want you to hurt me again. My bruised are worse"

A tear left my eye

"Don't cry y/n. Please don't cry because then I'll cry. And I don't like crying."

I looked up at him and smiled

"That's better"

Our eyes met eachothers as I stared into his beautiful eyes. I didn't know what to do. Before I could do anything he grabbed my neck and kissed me. It turned into a huge make out scene.

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