I Should Have Went After Her

Please read☺️ I posted on my Instagram ( @5sosobsessions ) but never finished it on there, so I'm posting it on here��


1. Chapter 1

I Should Have Went After Her

Chapter 1

(Your POV)

You feel a kiss on your lips. You slowly open your eyes and see Ashton standing over you. You can't help but smile. "Hey sleeping beauty", he says chuckling. You look over to the clock to see that it says 10:36, surprised on how late you slept in "I have a surprise for you", he softly says in your ear. You sit up as he lifts you up and carries you into the kitchen. An amazing smell fills your nose as your eyes adjust to the brightness. He sets you down at the table. You see your favorite breakfast: eggs, bacon, toast and a glass of apple juice. You look at him and smile as you reach up to kiss him. Thank you so much you say to him. "Anything for you babe" he says smiling and walks into the living room to turn on the TV. "I have rehearsal around 12 today. It's a short one so I'll be back within an hour." You hear him yelling from the living room. You reply with an ok and continue eating your food. When your all done, you stand up to start taking care of your dishes as he grabs them from your hands. "Don't worry I got it," he says placing a kiss on your cheek. You smile and follow him. "Wanna go watch TV?" He asks. Sure! We walk over to the living room as I plop myself onto the couch. He puts his arm around me as I put my head on his shoulder. I'm so happy me and Ashton moved into an apartment together. It's so quiet. No more of our little siblings running around, yelling and screaming. I feel something vibrate and realize it's Ashton's phone. He answers it, "what do u want." I immediately new it was Calum. That's how he always answers the phone when it's him. I can hear (Calum ask where he was.) Ashton looked at the time, "it's only 11:45." (Calum: well we came early)

"No one ever told me this." He said chuckling. "I'll leave in a little bit I'm busy now." (Calum: whatever bro cya) He hung up and continued watching TV. You can leave you know that right I said glaring at him. "I'd rather spend time with you." giving me an enormous hug. Just go it's fine I said laughing. "Fine. I'll be back in about an hour," he said kissing my forehead as he stands up. He runs up to change, since he is still in his pajamas. When he's all ready he comes down and kisses me goodbye. "Love you" he said smiling. Love you too I replied, hearing the door shut seconds after.

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