I'm the Bad one now. *Squeal for the 'Bad Boy's Sister'*

*This is a Squeal. Read 'The Bad Boy's Sister' before you read this* Names Ella. NOT Elly. Elly was the old preppy me. Now I'm Ella and only Ella. Last year my life was controlled by Harry and him being his stupid bad boy self. If he can be bad, so can I. With my new red hair, and new attitude I could be worse then Harry. Harry is just gonna have to deal with the fact that I'm The Bad One Now.


2. This is War.

I looked at my phone. All most time for school to end. So far the first day of school is great. I made most girls wanna be like me and most guys wanna date me. I can see why Harry loved this so much. Everywhere I go there are people following me trying to be like me. 

"Ella Styles will you please answer the next question" Mr.Robbie our science teacher said. 

"Um, Yes, It's-" Then The belle cut me off. Well I'm lucky 

I walked out of the class and was followed by Ashton. "So do you need a ride home?" He asked 

"Yeah" I said nodding 

Just then as we were walking down the hall we someone ran into us . It was Gracie. She looked horrible. She had bags under her eyes and looked really washed out. 

"Ew" I said laughing 

"Sorry" she said trying to get past me. 

"What a loser. See? I told you. You will never be happy unless you are free from that stupid goodie goodie inside you." I said shaking my head laughing. 

"I don't need to be 'free'. I'm just having a really bad day." She said looking down

"Aww poor Gracie. Without me you have no friends huh? Maybe you should think about not being such a stupid dork" I said laughing with the girls behind me. 

"Elly what are you doing?" I herd someone say behind me. 

I rolled my eyes I turned around "No one calls me Elly anymore and I-" I stopped when I saw who I was talking to. "Niall? what are you doing here?" I asked confused. 

"I came back  this year. What happened to you?" He asked confused. 

I didn't know what to do. Everyone is watching us. My reputation is on the line. I can't give up all I'v done on the first day of school just because of some guy. 

"I..I..I changed" I said because that's all I could say. 

"Come on Ella lets get out of here" Ashton said 

I nodded and followed him out of the horrible situation. 

I went in his car. "So what was that all about?" Ashton asked as he started driving

"That was Niall. We used to date, but then he left me." I said 

"And do you still like him?" He asked as he was driving. 

"I don't know I haven't talked to him in forever." I said shrugging "even if I did it wouldn't matter to you anyways. It's not like me and you are dating" I said crossing me arms. 

"I know. But I do like you Ella." He said as he was pulling into my drive way. 

"You do?" I asked 

He nodded. He turned his face to me. "The only question is babe, do you like me back?" He asked smirking 

"I don't know" I said smirking back. Who am I kidding, Ashton is so attractive. I know Niall just came back, but lets get real. He's not gonna like me the way I am now. He liked the old sweet good me. 

Ashton started leaning in to kiss me. I leaned in too. Then our lips met. I dug my hands in his hair. It felt nice. When we pulled away he smirked at me and said "So I'm guessing you don't like Niall?" 

I laughed "Yeah you don't have to worry about him" 

"Good" He said smiling then kissed my cheek. 

Just then someone knocked on the car window. I saw Harry crossing his arms outside the car. 

I rolled my eyes "I have to go" I told Ashton.

"Okay. Bye" He said waving 

"Bye." I said smiling. 

I got out of the car to a mad looking Harry. 

"Why is it I always find you kissing people?" Harry asked with his hands on his hips 

"Oh please do you know how many times I caught u kissing girls when you were 'bad' " I said rolling my eyes then started walking up to our door. 

"Wait Ella, I invited-" 

I opened the door and found Naill on our couch. "Niall over." Harry said finishing his sentence. 

I stood there awkwardly. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked confused. I walked to the other chair across from the couch he was sitting in and sat down. 

"I came back because I missed all my friends, and most importantly you, but I can see that you didn't miss me very much." he said in a sad voice. 

"I missed you a lot Niall. I spent hours crying about how I'm never gonna see you again, but then life happened. I'm not the same girl you liked last year Niall." I said in a sympathetic voice.

"I can see that." He said shaking his head 

"I'm sorry but we can't be together." I said shaking my head. 

"Why are you doing this?" Niall asked confused. 

"Because we are oposite. We worked out when I was a preppy cheer leader, but that's not me anymore." I said 

"No, I mean why did you change?" Niall asked 

I shrugged." I got tired of being in Harry's shadow. 

"Okay. Well I hope your happy with Ashton. All I want is your happiness." Niall said 

I nodded "Thank you Niall. For being so understanding." I said smiling. 

"Wow your never that nice to me." Harry said in the back ground 

I rolled my eyes. "Well I have people to call. Bye Niall." I said and walked upstairs. 

Just then The house phone rang. That's weird. No one calls our house phone. I was about to get it but Harry yelled "I'LL GET IT!" 

I picked it up anyways to see who it was. 

"Hello? I herd Harry say 

"harry I can't do it. I won't do it." I herd a girl's voice say 

"You have too. A deals a deal." Harry said 

"I can't. I don't like Ashton. Ashton will never like me." She said 

I know that voice anywhere. Gracie. 

"So? We made a deal. I would keep your dark secret and you would make Ashton like you instead of my sister!" Harry said 

"Ugh. Why is it a big deal if your sister dates Ashton anyways? Don't you want her to be happy?" 

"I do, but not like this. This isn't her. She's all bitchy, and slutty. That's not my sister. I don't even know who that girl up stairs is. We have to fix her Gracie!" Harry said 

"Yeah I know but that's what she wants to be. You have to deal with it. Ashton doesn't have anything to do with her acting up." Gracie said 

"Oh yes he does. Right when she met him, she started being bad." He said 

"Okay Fine I'll do the deal. I'll do everything in my power to get Ashton to like me. This is partly because I want the old Ella back too." Gracie said 

"Okay so I guess I'll see you later." He said 

"Yeah, bye." She said then hung up. 

My body filled with anger. Even when I decide to be the bad one Harry still some how find his ways to ruin my life. Well 2 can play at this game. Harry, this is war. No, I will no change weather I have Ashton or not. 

I need to think about what Harry loves most and destroy it. His reputation. Right now, he's still popular and girl still want him. What if I changed that? What if I changed his bad boy image. That would be good for me because then there would only be one bad Styles in that school. 

I thought about what made his reputation. How did it even get bad? I guess it all started in 7th grade when he got in a fight with the baddest guy in school. Then he won. All of middle school praised him. Then is 8th grade he started keeping his hair longer ad developing a fashion sense. All the girls loved him. What if He got in another fight then lost. And had really bad hair and clothes? 

This is gonna be fun. 

I decided to go down stairs and warn Harry. I was about to walk down there, but I stopped when I herd Niall. I forgot he was here. 

"I really miss Elly" Niall said sad 

I decided to listen to what they were saying. 

"I know man. I hopped you coming back would remind her about all the fun you guys had and change her back." Harry said shrugging 

"If only that was the case she seems pretty set on being the way she is." He said sad. 

"Yeah I know." He said 

"You guys are girls." I herd Louis say 

I didn't know he was here. 

"Well what do you wanna talk about?" Niall asked 

"Our reputation" Louis said 

"What about it" Harry asked 

"Well, Harry, you now have the hottest sister in school. You should use her. You could be going to way more parties and get all her hot friends." Louis said 

"I guess." Harry said nodding 

"When was the last time you went to a party?" Louis asked 

"Forever" Harry said. It's gonna stay forever. 

"Let's ask Elly, I mean Ella if there's any parties going on! Guys we are getting drunk tonight!" Louis said excited 

Not if I have anything to do about it. 

I then saw they were going upstairs to talk to me. I ran to my room and sat on my bed. They soon came in. 

"So Ella." Louis said smirking 

I laughed "What do you guys want?" 

"Is there any parties happening tonight?" Louis asked 

There is one. I can''t tell them that though. It's cool if Louis and Niall go, but Harry...I want to lower his reputation, not make it better. 

I'v got a plan. 

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