I'm the Bad one now. *Squeal for the 'Bad Boy's Sister'*

*This is a Squeal. Read 'The Bad Boy's Sister' before you read this* Names Ella. NOT Elly. Elly was the old preppy me. Now I'm Ella and only Ella. Last year my life was controlled by Harry and him being his stupid bad boy self. If he can be bad, so can I. With my new red hair, and new attitude I could be worse then Harry. Harry is just gonna have to deal with the fact that I'm The Bad One Now.


3. The Party


"So is there any parties?" Harry asked raising one eye brow. 

"Yes." I said. I got a peice of paper and wrote down an address. I handed him the paper. 

"Thanks" He said smiling. 

He left then Niall and Louis were about to follow but I called them back in. "Wait guys" I said 

Niall and Louis stopped and turned to me. "Close the door" I said 

Niall closed the door. 

"Look I gave Harry the wrong address because I don't want him to come, but I don't care about you guys so.." I got a peice of paper and wrote down the right address. "Here's the right one, just go to the party in seprate cars, Harry will go to the wrong house like planned and you guys will go to the right one." I said nodding 

"Wait why are you doing this to Harry?" Niall asked confused 

"I could tell you all the reasons, but then we'd be here all day" I said shrugging. 

"Do you really think we would just let our best friend go to just some random house?" Louis asked 

"Um yes" I said nodding 

They looked at me like I was crazy. "Look do what you want, but just to let you know if you don't do this you will get on my bad side, and trust me you don't wanna be there. I know you guys are all best friends with Harry, but if you knew all the shit he has done to me, you would hate him like I do." I said crossing my arms 

"Just because you hate him doesn't mean we do. We don't care what you think about us Ella. We aren't doing it." Niall said crossing his arms. 

I put my hands on my hips. "Really Niall? You 'don't care about what I think of you'? Might I remind you all the guys in the school want me and all the girls want to be me. Everyone in that school will believe anything I believe. I'm messing with Harry's social life right now and I'm doing a pretty good job at it. I'm sure you don't want me to mess with yours too" I said stepping closer to Niall. 

"you wouldn't" Niall said crossing his arms. 

"Oh you wanna bet?" I asked I grabbed my phone and dialed this girl May's number. I'm pretty sure he likes her. I saw him starring at her at school today. "I wonder if May knows about what happened to you in 2003?" 

"Ella no" Niall said with a worried look on his face 

"Maybe I should call her and tell her I mean she'll get a good laugh out of it." I said smirking 

I pressed call. 

It rang. 

"So are you gonna help me or not? You better hurry it's ringing." I said smirking. 

It rang again... 

I could see Niall getting more and more nerves. 

And it rang again... 

"Let's just help her man" Louis said giving in 


"Oh she answered!" I said happy 

"Hi may It's Ella, I was wondering if you knew about-" 

"OKAY WE'LL DO IT" Niall shouted. 

I hung up the phone. "Okay thanks boys. You can go now" I said 

They walked out of my room. I smiled to myself. This is perfect. Just then Niall walked back inside. 

"Yes?" I asked confused.

"Ella, I know your old self is in there some where I wish you would just-" 

I cut him off "Whoa Whoa Whoa, Niall My 'old self' has pretty much died. I'm sorry the girl you 'fell in love' with is gone, but this is the new and improved me. I'm way better this way. I feel more free and confident. Maybe you should try changing like I did." I said nodding 

"But I like who I am now I'm not gonna just change." Niall said confused 

"I 'Liked who I was' too. At least I thought I liked who I was." I said shrugging 

"Come on Ella, please just try and be you again" Nialls begged. 

I rolled my eyes. "Ugh Niall your giving me a headache. This is me. I am being me. If you can't understand that then maybe you should just get out of my life." I said annoyed 

"What ever" Niall said and turned around to leave but I stopped him. 

"Hey Niall! If you go the party I better see you drunk! Your so much fun drunk." I said smirking 

He rolled him eyes at me then left. closing my door behind him. I guess he really is mad that I changed. What ever. I could care less what he thinks of me. Tonight I'm gonna have fun. 

The party I invited Louis and Niall too was Ashton's friend Calum's party. I herd he throws the best ones. 


I told Niall and Louis I would walk in the party with them, so I'm taking both of them. I slipped on a black, tight and strapless dress and found some black high heels. I Curled my red hair and put big round hoop ear rings on. I then put on red lip stick and a thick layer of black eye liner and mascara. There. My slutty look is done. 

I walked down stairs. I saw Louis's and Niall's mouth drop open. I laughed. "Take a picture it last longer".

"I don't think I've ever seen you show off you boobs like that" Louis said.

"What ever" I said making my way down stairs. I noticed Harry was missing. "Where's Harry? Did he already leave?" I asked confused. 

They nodded. "okay good. Now let's go" I said 

"Wait can we wait for my friend to show up she's almost here" Niall said

"Umm you invited someone?" I asked putting one of my arms on my waist. 

"She's just my friend. I met iher n science class this year" Niall said shrugging. 

"Whats her name?" I asked 

"Christa" Louis said "You should see her she looks just like you! except she has brown eyes and her hair isn't red" Louis said again. 

"Hm well I guess your getting laid tonight huh Niall?" I said smirking. 

"No she's just a friend Nothing more." He said 

"Me and Ashton are 'Just Friends' too but just today we were kissing in his car." I said laughing 

Just then there was a knock on the door. I really hope this Christa girl isn't some downer who follows the rules like Gracie. I really hate people like Gracie. Niall walked over to the door. 

He opened the door to a cheerful looking brunette. I guess she does kinda look like me. 

"Hi I'm Christa" She said half smiled at me 

I waved. 

I then walked past her and out the door. "Okay guys come on we are all ready later then I wanted to be" I said rolling my eyes 

They followed me to the car. I got in the drivers seat and began driving.

"So Ella we have Math together"Christa said trying to start a conversation. 

"I guess" I said annoyed 

"I hope we become good friends" She said again 

"Doubtful" I said quiet so she wouldn't hear. 

"What was that?" She asked 

"I said yeah. Maybe" I said fake smiling  

Once we got there I pushed up my boobs more. "Really?" Niall said rolling his eyes.

I nodded. 

We then walked up to the door. You could already hear the song 'Bang Bang' play all threw out the house. We walked and we were overwhelmed with the smell of alcohol and sweat. I used to hate parties. That all changed now. I found out that if you join the drunk sweaty people, it's not that bad. 

"Ugh I hate this" Christa said with a disgusted look on her face. 

"Maybe you should just try joying the drunk people" I said glaring at her. 

"I rather not" she said then made her way over to a corner where no one was. Niall followed her. 

Was I like that before?

"Well I'm gonna have some fun" I said to Louis. 

"Okay I'm gonna go get a drink" Louis said 

I then began making my way  to the middle of the dance floor. I began dancing with random boys all around me. It was fun. I then saw Ashton from acoss the room next to the drunks. I walked over there to him. 

"hey whoa you look hot." Ashton said looking at me up and down.

"Thanks" I said smirking. 

"Want a shot?" He asked 

"sure" I said nodding. He handed me a shot and got one for himself. We both took it together. 
"WOOH" I said laughing. I then took 3 more shots. Louis joined up for the 2nd and 3rd.

I was about to take my forth but Niall stopped me. 
"That enough. You are already so drunk" Niall said. 

"Come on Niall let loose!" I said holding onto the chair so I didn't fall over. 

"Yeah Niall!" Ashton said.

"I am loose!" Niall said mad  


I woke up the next morning not in my own bed room. Where am I? Who's bed room is this? I looked around. The bed was queen size and the room looked quite big. I must still be at Calum's house. This must be his room. I Looked down at my body and realized that I only have a bra on. I looked to my right and found someone sleeping next to me. 

"ummm" I said confused 

Is that Calum? Ashton? Luke? The person turned over. It was Niall. Whoa. I remember last night telling him to let loose. I guess he took my advise. I rubbed my head from my huge headache. I poked Niall. He moaned "No" 

"Come on Niall" I said and poked him again. He woke up and looked confused. "How did you get there? Wait why am I naked? What the hell happened last night?" He said confused 

"I don't know I was hoping you had a clue." I said shrugging 

"Well I don't" He said 

Just then Calum walked in. "WHOA! Guys get out of my room!" Calum said. He then laughed when he found that it was me. "Ella Styles and Niall Horan?" he said in between his laughter.

"Yeah what ever." I said I got up but my clothes that were on the floor on and left the room. Wait I'm Niall, Christa's and Louis's ride. I feel like this is gonna be a awkward ride home. I went back into the room and found Niall sitting on the bed now with clothes on, he was putting on his shoes. Calum still laughing. "Hurry up Niall We need to go" I said. I walked down stairs hoping I would find Louis and Christa somewhere. 

"Louis?" I asked stepping over bodies passed out on the floor. I then looked at my phone. I saw a text message from him. 

It said: 

Hey my friend Luke said he'll take me home

Luke is Ashton's best friend. I didn't know Louis was friendds with him. I then looked around for Christa. She probably already left. That's what I did when I hated parties. 

I saw Niall walk down stairs. 

"Where's Christa?" He asked confused 

"I think she already left" I said shrugging. 

"Probably. I'll text her" He said getting his phone out. 

"Oh no." He said in a frantic voice. 

"What?" I asked 

He handed me his phone. 

There was a long text from Christa. 

It said: 

I hope you had fun with Ella. I saw you two all flirty and lovey dovey. I thought we had something Niall. I guess not. you seemed really mad at me last night. Maybe your right. Maybe I do need to start being more like Ella. If I do maybe you'll like me. You seemed to like Ella a whole lot last night. I left the party because no one was talking to me and I just hate parties. 

I laughed 

"That's not funny Ella!" Niall screamed 

"Whoa chill. Come on let's get in the car." I said walking out of Calum's house. 

Niall followed but still kept talking and talking about how mad at himself he is and how mean I was to her last night and blah blah blah. 

I got in the car and he followed but was still talking. 

I stopped him. "Niall calm down! Your over reacting. Just tell her the truth. That you were drunk and didn't mean to do anything to hurt her last night." I said while driving. 

"I guess I'll do that" He said crossing his arms. 

I laughed. 

"why is this so funny to you?" He asked mad. 

"Because she's acting like how I would have acted when I was good. And she wants to be like me" I said half smiling 

"She only thinks that way because of something I told her last night" He said 

"Think what you want Niall" I said 

I then drove into Niall's driveway. "Home sweet home" I said smiling 

"Okay before I go I need to do something for me" He said 

I rolled my eyes. "What?" I said annoyed

"Just please stoping being so mean to Christa. I really like her" He said 

I chuckled. "That was being being nice. If you want me to be mean I would be a lot worse" I said smirking

"What ever. Just don't scare her off" He said looking at me with those puppy dog eyes. 

"Don't worry. I won't" I said rolling my eyes. 

"Thanks Ella" he said then got out of the car. He then got back in. 

"Another thing. We can't tell anyone what we did last night." He said with a worried look

"Don't worry Niall. Geez. I don't even remember what we did how can I tell someone something that I don't even remember?" I said sarcastic 

"Okay" He said then walked out of the car. 

I tend to lie a lot. He doesn't tell me what to do. If I wanna be mean I'll be mean, but she doesn't seem to be worth my time right now. If I remembered what we did last night, I'm not afraid to tell people. 

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