I'm the Bad one now. *Squeal for the 'Bad Boy's Sister'*

*This is a Squeal. Read 'The Bad Boy's Sister' before you read this* Names Ella. NOT Elly. Elly was the old preppy me. Now I'm Ella and only Ella. Last year my life was controlled by Harry and him being his stupid bad boy self. If he can be bad, so can I. With my new red hair, and new attitude I could be worse then Harry. Harry is just gonna have to deal with the fact that I'm The Bad One Now.


5. Monday.

 "Hey Harry I'v been thinking." I said coming down stairs 

"Oh that's never good." He said paying more attention to the TV

"You know how Everyone freaked out when they saw the new me?" I asked 

"Yes" He said nodding 

"Well what about you? You'v been 'bad' for a while and no one did anything" I said crossing my arms. 

He turned around and faced me. "That's because I'v always been like this. You haven't so people are confused. Are you that goodie goodie people saw last year? or are you this Bad ass people are seeing this year? It's weird it's like your whole personality changed" He said shrugging then went back to Tv watching. 

"Hm" I said then walked back up stairs. 

Tomorrow I have school. I'm not too excited about that. The whole school are is just people who want to be me or hate me. I am kinda okay with that.

~*The next day*~

I walked into school looking the best like always. I had my red hair straitened. I wore pre-ripped high wasted shorts with a black crop top. Of course, Red lip stick on. 

I met with Becca at my locker. 

"How was your date with Ashton?" I asked getting books out of my locker. 

"How do you know about that?" She asked confused. 

I shrugged. "I know people" 

"Well It was great. I know you kinda had a thing for him so I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it" She said shrugging. 

"Oh please. me with Ashton?" I said shaking my head. "don't worry about me. If you like him go for it."

"Okay I think I will" she said nodding.

"Cool" I said closing my locker. 

I don't know how I really feel about this. I know that I did like Ashton, but I wasn't planning on dating him so I guess I don't care if Becca dates him. Pretty soon Lacy met up with me and Becca as we were walking in the halls. I haven't talked to her all week end. I would ask where she was, but I don't really care so. 

"Hey guys" She said. 

I waved at her without looking at her. 

"Hey Lacy where were you all week end?" Becca asked.  

"Oh I was hoping you would ask that" She said 

We stopped walking to stop at Lacy's locker. When I looked at her she was dressed like she's trying to impress someone. As she was putting her books in, she was telling us this story about some guy she spent all week end with. I wasn't really listening. 

I jumped back into the conversation when Becca said "So who was this 'amazing' guy?" 

"His name is Liam" She said smiling. 

"Liam Payne?" I asked 

She nodded. "Do you know him?" She asked. 

"Yep. Last year he and this other guy got into a fight over me, but don't worry I'm sure he's over me" I said 

"Oh" She said nodding. 

Just then Ashton and his friends Luke and Calum showed up and joined our group. 

Ashton walked up to Becca and put his arm around her and kissed her cheek. She giggled and pecked his lips. 

I made a gross face at them. "I know right?" Calum said

I nodded.

Luke leaned ageist the lockers and eyed Lacy up and down. Lacy giggled walking away. Luke followed her. 

I made a gross face at them too. 

Ashton and Becca walked away holding hands. 

I laughed. 

"What's so funny?" Calum asked. 

"My friends are such sluts" I said still laughing. 

Calum chuckled. Once I stopped laughing I payed attention to Calum. "So that was a pretty awesome party at your house the other day" I said nodding. 

"Why thank you" He said. "I saw you getting some with Niall Horan?" He asked smirking.  

"Sadly yes. I was drunk. It was just a one time thing." I said shaking my head. 

"It's okay your secret is safe with me" He said nodding. 

"Thanks" I said half smiling. "It's funny, all your friends went with my friends, but you didn't do anything to get me" I said chuckling. 

"Well I'm not that kind of guy" He said shrugging. 

Just then the belle rung. 

"Well I'll see ya later Asian" I said walking away. 

"Bye" Calum said laughing at me calling him Asian. 

I began walking to my first period class. On my way there I ran into Harry and all his friends. He was holding hands with Gracie. Oh this is going to be fun. 

"Hey sis" He said 

"Hey?" I said 

"Hi Ella!" Gracie said smiling and waving. Ugh she's too preppy. 

I ignored her and laughed. "So is this a thing you and Gracie?" I asked looking at Harry. 

"Yep" Harry said 

 I laughed. "Awwwww Did all the pretty girls reject you?" I asked still laughing. "I'm sorry she was your last resort." 

"Ella. Stop" He said giving me a dirty look. 

"Well this is just great. My two least favorite people in the world are now dating. That's good annoying girls should be with annoying guys" I said nodding 

"oohhhh" All of Harry's friends said. 

I smirked. Harry looked pissed. It made me happy. "Fuck you" He said  

"Woe. Gracie he's already wanting to fuck other girls you better watch out" I said 

Gracie looked like she was about to cry. She's too emotional. Harry looked ready to start a fight with me, but he would never hit me. 

Just then then our new annoying principal showed up. "What's going on here?" she asked confused.  

"Well Harry wants to fuck me, but that's pretty weird considering I'm his twin. Can he get detention for that?" I asked being a smart ass. 

"What? no! She was being so rude!" Gracie yelled Pointing her little pink nail at me. 

"Can you blame me? I mean look at her. She looks like a unicorn barfed all over her" I said laughing. 

Everyone that was watched laughed with me. 

"Your coming with me young lady. You Guys as well!" She said eyeing Gracie, and Harry. 

I shrugged. "Does this mean I miss first period? Because I would love to get out of my math test" I said excited. 

The lady took us to her office. I guess her name is Mrs.Marry. Our last Principal quit for a better school than ours. 

"I'm very disaported in all of you! I know I don't know you guys very well because this is my first year here, but I know for a fact you guys are trouble makers!" She yelled. "You, Ms.Styles more than both of them. Harry and Gracie I'll let you off with a warning, you may leave." She said Harry and Gracie left the office.

"That's not fair" I said shaking my head.  

"I can not believe you Ella" She said

I shrugged "What can I say I had to" 

"I don't understand" She said looking at her computer. 

"Well that's because your new here and don't know anything" I said nodding

She gave me a dirty look. "I was gonna say I don't understand you being so good last year, and then this year your so bad" She said shaking her head. "The principal that was here last year told me so much about you, and how great of a student you were. Tell me, what happened?" She asked confused. 

"I was tired of living in a shadow." I said shrugging. 

"you mean your brother right?" she asked 

I suddenly became really mad. She is not my friend, she is nothing to me just some teacher who apparently likes sticking her nose in everyone's Life. 

"I'm not gonna answer these questions. Just tell me what my punishment is" I said crossing my arms. 

"No Punishment your free to go" She said nodding. 

"Really? But I was rude to you and my fellow class mates" I said confused 

"Go before I change my mind" She said and waved me away. 

I gave her a weird look and left. Maybe she feels bad for me or something. What ever. I could honestly care less. 

I walked down the hall. 

My first period class is math. I walked past the water fountains and found Harry and Becca making out. 

I stood in front of them and giving them a dirty look. They didn't notice me. I was gonna saw ew really loud, but i decided not too. I could use this information in the future. I know that Becca wouldn't want anyone finding out about this. Especially since she's with Ashton. Harry probably wouldn't either because of him and Gracie. 

So I decided to just walk away and let them do what ever dirty stuff they wanted too. I know they will end up regretting it. 


So The lunch belle just rung. I got out of my seat right away. Lunch has always been my favorete part of the day. It's when I take a break from school for 45 minutes and just hang out. 

I walked to Lacy's desk. She was still packing up her back pack. 

"Come on hurry up" I said rolling my eyes. 

"Sorry" She said putting her pencil in her front back pack pocket. 

Once she was done she put her back pack on and we started walking to Becca's class to meet her. 

"So you and Liam or You and Luke?" I asked confused. 

She shrugged. "I guess both" 

"Well good thing they don't hang out together right? If they did they would be mad they your playing both of them" I said 

This is more information I can use in the future ageist someone. 

She nodded "Yeah. What about you any love intrests?" She asked smirking. I'm thinking she's trying to change the subject off of her love life and onto mine. 

I shook my head. "nah. Love is dumb and stupid and not really real." 

"I'm not too sure about that one" She said shrugging. 

"Hm well your in love with two guys. One of them has gotta  be fake or both" I said nodding. 

"Hey!" She said like I said something bad. 

"huh?" I asked confused. 

It's true. One of the those guys are playing her. I'm guessing it's Luke. He seem more of a player than Liam. Plus I know Liam. I don't think he would do that to a girl. Luke seems like he would. 

We got to Becca's class and found her and Ashton together. It didn't surprise me to see them all lovey dovey. 

I wonder what Ashton would do if he found out that she's playing him? I'll save that information for when I need it. I never talked to Ashton about why he led me on. I didn't have any intention to date him, but I thought he had intention to date me. I guess he didn't though. Maybe it was all just a girl and a guy having fun. I decided not ask him about it. Mainly because I don't really care what he does all that much. 

I walked up to Becca and Ashton. "Becca do you wanna come with me and Lacy or should we leave you to your stupid boy friend?" I asked crossing my arms. 

"Ashton can walk with us too right?" She asked. 

"Yes" Lacy said before I said anything. 

"alright I guess" I said shrugging. 

I started walking. Ashton and Lacy walked beside me. Becca walked next to Ashton. 

"I feel so cool walking with the cool bad ass girls" Ashton said. 

I chuckled. "Well don't get used to it Becca's little boy friends never last" I whispered in Ashton's ear making sure the other girl couldn't hear me. 

"Get used to me sweat heart. I'm here to stay" Ashton whispered back. 

I rolled my eyes. "What are you guys whispering about?" Lacy asked 

I shook my head. "Nothing of your concern. sweat Lacy" I said smiling. 

"Don't call me that" She replied. I ignored her invalid comment. 

Just then Harry walked up in front of me almost making me trip. 

"Harry!" I yelled pushing him. My group stopped and starred at us. 

"I'm sorry. um can I talk to you? alone?" He asked 

I rolled my eyes. "Sure" I said. "You guys can go on with out me, save me a seat at our table" I said to my friends. They walked off. 

'What do you want?" I asked confused and annoyed. 

"What was all that with Gracie about?" He asked 

"Oh let me remind you, I hate her, and I hate you. So when I see 2 people I hate together, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. Make fun of both you making both your lives horrible" I said smiling

He looked around and remembered we were in the middle of the school hall way. He grabbed my wrist and took me all the way down the hall and behind the school. To remind you, behind the school is where all the students go when they want to talk alone or without teachers. Some  kids who are outsiders eat lunch back here. Some who just wanna be alone are here as well. 

"Okay look Ell. I'm sick and tired of this. Why do you think your so much better than me?" he asked with anger. 

"well It's simple. I am better than you" I said smirking. 

"Oh really?" 

I nodded. "I have this whole school rapped around my finger." I said smirking.

"I have every girl at this school wanting me, I have every guy wanting to be my friend. I have a good reputation. I actually have friends unlike you. I think I have it around my finger." He said cocky

"Becca and Lacy are my friends duh" I said annoyed. 

"oh please Ella. They hate you. You know they are just pretending to love you just like everyone else. Everyone at this school hates you. The guys want to fuck you and the girls want to kill you. At least people like me. I may be bad, but I'm not a bitch like you." He said giving me a dirty look. I gave him one back. 

"Look Harry. Your wrong. Your just mad at the fact that your not the only bad ass Styles anymore. I am." I said smirking. 

"There is only room for one bad ass Styles at this school, Ella. That's going to be me. I know you. Your going to crack and turn into that good girl who thought that everyone liked her when really they all thought she was annoying and pretended to like her so they could be friends with me." He said cocky. 

My eyes were getting watery. I refused to cry in front of Harry though. It would show that I'm weak. "That sounds like a challenge. Who is the real bad ass Styles? You? or me? May the best twin win" I said and stormed out.


Author's note: 

I hopr you guys like it so far!

Comment if you think Ella is going to rule the school or Harry? Do you guys think Ella is going to remain bad this whole story? 

I love you guys! Check out my other stories! 


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