I'm the Bad one now. *Squeal for the 'Bad Boy's Sister'*

*This is a Squeal. Read 'The Bad Boy's Sister' before you read this* Names Ella. NOT Elly. Elly was the old preppy me. Now I'm Ella and only Ella. Last year my life was controlled by Harry and him being his stupid bad boy self. If he can be bad, so can I. With my new red hair, and new attitude I could be worse then Harry. Harry is just gonna have to deal with the fact that I'm The Bad One Now.


4. Love is not real.


I got home from the party to a mad looking Harry. I could care less though. Harry being mad makes me happier. 

I sat on the couch looking at twitter trying to tune out Harry yelling at me. It was really annoying. He just kept going on and on about how bad of a sister I was, and how siblings shouldn't do this to each other. Ugh. I was mainly just rolling my eyes at how stupid he was being. "I just can't believe you Ella." He said. I was hoping he was done talking but nope. "I wish you would stop trying to make my life bad. I mean I'm your brother Ella. Does that mean anything to you? I want you too-" 

I then looked up from my phone and glared at him. I interrupted him. "Harry In case you didn't get a clue from me ignoring you, I don't really care what you want me to do. If you didn't already know, I do what I want. I do everything that i wish too and when I wish too. And I have a right to make your life bad because you made my life worse then bad for over a year with your stupid bad boy stuff. I told you, if you can be bad, so can I." I said then I got up and ran upstairs. 

I don't care what Harry says. I will make his life just as bad as he made mine, maybe even worse. He needs to know that he's not the bad Styles anymore. I am 

I then got a text from that that Christa girl. 

It said: 

I hope you and Niall are happy together.

I laughed. She thinks we are together? Maybe she knows about what happened last night. It doesn't matter anyways. It was just a one time thing and we were both drunk. Meaning we didn't know what was happening. I decided to let her figure out herself that nothings going by not answering her text. I deleted her text message. 

I then got a call from Niall. Probably something about Christa. Ugh. I really don't wanna hear about his girl problems. Ignore call. 

"Wow that hurt" I herd someone say from behind me. I looked behind me and found Niall in my room leaning on my door frame. 

"I don't wanna hear your girl drama." I said rolling my eyes. 

"I'm not here to tell you about her, I'm here for you" he said stepping closer to the bed.

"Huh" I said confused. 

"I said I'm here for you" He said stepping even closer. 

I gave him a look that says 'I don't get it'. 

"Maybe your right Ella. Maybe I do need to be more like you, take risks and all. Maybe last night wasn't just a mistake" He said

"really?" I asked raising one eye brow. I'm still not buying it. Just yesterday he hated my bad girl thing. 

"Yes." He said 

Okay I think I have a idea."If you really wanna be like me then be bad. Get detention tomorrow" I said smirking. 

"but I''v never had that before" He said confused. 

"If you wanna be bad you wouldn't care" I said crossing my arms. "Come on Niall." 

"I can't. My parents would kill me." He said shaking his head. 

"If you wanted to be like me, you wouldn't care what anyone thinks" I said crossing my arms still. "I knew it." 

"knew what?" He asked clueless 

"You can't be bad Niall Horan. Your too good." I said shrugging. 

"Thanks?" He said

"Being good has it's perks but in the end it has more cons then pros for me. Now you can leave now. Go back to being a great boyfriend to Christa." I said 

"But I do want to know what it feels like to be reckless too Ella." he said crossing his arms. 

"Don't we all" I said shrugging. He gave me a look. "Well maybe in the future, but Christa need your niceness right now. She kinda thinks you have a thing for me. I don't blame her, a lot of guys have a thing for me" I said flipping my hair behind my ears. 

"Wait are you really caring for someone else's needs right now? Watch out Ella! Your niceness is showing" Niall said smirking 

"Ehh don't get used to it. Now get out" I said 

"Okay." He said then turned around. "Bye" 

"Bye." I replied. 

Right as Niall was about to walk out of my room he turned around. He ran up to me and pressed his lips with mine. It was a long heartfelt kiss. I had forgotten what Niall's kisses were like. The kiss made my whole body light up. I pulled away because I knew it was wrong.  I wanted more, but I knew I couldn't have more. I knew that he's with Christa. He shouldn't like me. I'm just not good for him. 

"I'm sorry I had to" He said backing away. 

"It's okay. I just didn't know you were gonna do that" I said still shocked. 

"Neither did I." He answered. 

I then remembered that if I want something, I should go for it. That's what this whole bad girl thing is all about right? Why am I even caring about Christa right now? She's not here.  

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have kissed you I just thought that-" I cut him off with a kiss. This one was longer. It was even more heartfelt then the first one. This time I didn't stop kissing. I kept going because I wanted more. It felt like electricity. I could hear fireworks going off in my mind. 

Then he was the one who pulled away. 

"I can't do this" He said shaking his head. "I'm dating Christa" He said with a worried look. Then he ran out of my room. 

I then began thinking about this more. No matter how great that kiss was, after I changed I promised I wouldn't fall in love again because it's not worth the heart break in the end of it. Love always comes to a end. One disagreement and the whole relationship comes crashing down. I don't like feeling vulnerable. 

Love isn't real anyways. There's no such thing as love. The reason in dating is to find who your gonna marry in the future, but even when people get married they just get divorced in a couple years anyways so what's the point? 

Niall is a good guy. I know he's now going to beat himself up over kissing me. He's so loyal to every girl he dates, he might even tell Christa about it.

Just then Christa called me. I really didn't wanna answer the phone, but I did anyways. 

"Yes?" I answered the phone 

"Did you sleep with Niall or not?" She asked right away. 

"Woe, take a chill pill" I said 

"No! I need to know. Everyone is telling me something different" 

"Okay well we did not sleep together ew" I lied. 

"Okay good. Wait are you sure? You might not remember because you guys were drunk" She said 

"Oh I didn't drink that much. We didn't" I said trying so sound convincing 

"Okay thanks for being honest" 

"No problem"  

"Okay bye Ella" She said then hung up. 

Lying didn't bug me too much. I only lie when I have to. 

I decided to go on twitter. I looked threw some tweets. I grew bored really fast. ugh. I hate being bored. Maybe I should sneak out or something. Wait why do I keep sneaking out? Me and Harry's parents died. There is no one here to get me in trouble. All Harry does it yell at me for no reason but I always end up tuning him out anyways. 

I put on some skinny jeans, and a tight black crop top. I put all my make up on with my normal red lip stick to match my awesome red hair. 

It's still the afternoon the days still young. 

I called Ashton. 

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hey you free right now to have some fun?" I asked while putting on my shoes. 

"No I'm not free. I got a date with your friend, Becca." He said 

I felt so mad. I don't even know why I was though. We weren't really dating. We just kissed sometimes. "Oh" I said because I had nothing else to say. 

"Yeah. But maybe tomorrow"  

"Okay have fun with Becca" I said then I hung up. 

I slammed my phone down on my bed. "UGH" I said when slamming myself on my bed. "Wow. Bad day?" I herd someone say. I knew by the voice who it was. I got up and looked at him. "What do you want Zayn?" I asked annoyed 

"Woe no need for the attitude, I just wanted to say Hi" He said putting his hands up for defense. 

"Hi" I said annoyed

"I just came in here to see this New Ella everyone's been talking about"

"Well you saw me, now bye" I said waving. 

"Let me guess someone stole the guy you like away from you" He said getting closer into my room. 

I nodded. "ahh. Same. Your brother kinda just went on a date with the girl of my dreams." He said then sat on the bed next to me. 

"Yeah, My brothers an ass hole" I said nodding. 

"Yeah. So who took your guy?" He asked 

"My friend Becca" I said with a dirty look on my face when I said Becca. "I shouldn't even be mad. Nothing was going to happen officially with us anyways" I said shrugging. "but why am I feeling as if I want to punch Becca?"

"It's called jealousy." He said nodding. "I have also been wishing I could punch your brother" He said. 

"Harry is an idiot, don't work yourself up about this, your probably gonna end up with the girl in the end, trust me" I said nodding.

"and what about you will you end up with this guy your so sad about" He asked me. 

"Even if he wasn't out with that girl I wouldn't date him anyways so most likely not." I said shaking my head. 

"Oh, why wouldn't you date him?" He asked 

"Because dating is stupid. Why start something when you know it's just gonna end one way or another?" I said shrugging. 

"Well what about true love?" He asked. 

I laughed. "Zayn there's no such thing as 'true love'." I said after laughing. "Think what you want, but I know for a fact love is just in your head. It's not real" I said. 

"I don't think I agree. When someone is in love they will do what ever they can to be with that person. They won't think about what other's think they just know that it feels right." He said serious. 

"What if I think it 'feels right' to jump off a cliff, that doesn't mean it's right?" I asked 

"I'm not here to argue with you about love" He said crossing his arms. 

"Why are you here?" I asked rolling my eyes. 

"Like I said I wanted to see the new Ella." He said then began walking toward the door to leave. He stopped at the door frame. He turned back around. "It's funny last year you were looking for love, now your pushing love away" After he said that he walked out closing the door behind him. 

Pushing love away? No. I'm not. I'm saving myself from heart break. 

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