I'm the Bad one now. *Squeal for the 'Bad Boy's Sister'*

*This is a Squeal. Read 'The Bad Boy's Sister' before you read this* Names Ella. NOT Elly. Elly was the old preppy me. Now I'm Ella and only Ella. Last year my life was controlled by Harry and him being his stupid bad boy self. If he can be bad, so can I. With my new red hair, and new attitude I could be worse then Harry. Harry is just gonna have to deal with the fact that I'm The Bad One Now.


1. I'm The Bad One Now.


"Are you sure you want it red? that seems like a big change" The hair dresser asked. 

I nodded. I refuse to look like my twin Harry. Going into senor year I'll be totally changed. No more of this 'good girl' stuff. I'm done being in Harry's shadow. For years he's been the bad boy, and I have always been The 'Bad Boy's sister'. Well I'm done with that. Now I'm the bad one. I want Harry to know how I felt for all these years. 

"Your hair should be done shortly" The hair dresser said and walked away with her loud heals. 

I grabbed a magazine while waiting for my hair to dry. 

Last year I was all about pleasing everyone. Well, I'm done with pleasing others. If someone doesn't like me then that sucks for them. I now don't dress all reserved showing no cleavage. A perfect outfit for me now is black tights with a low cut shirt. After Junior year ended I promised myself I'm never gonna go back to the good me. I remade myself. I like myself better this way. Life is so much better when you decide to just not care about anyone. I think that was my problem last year. I cared. I cared about Harry, about all his stupid friends, about my parents, about love...well that over. Now all I care about is myself. I know I probably sound selfish but only caring about myself is the only thing that will get me threw this messed up world. Feelings are over rated anyways. 

Just then Gracie walked in. Ugh. We were really good friends, but that kinda changed. We had this huge fight. She said I was acting dumb, and I said she can't control what I do, Long story short: We didn't agree on anything and now we'r not friends. She's so perky and annoying. Was I like that before I changed? No wonder no one liked me... 

I watched her with a dirty look. She went up to the desk and asked if she could get her hair done. Then they escorted her to a place to sit while they trimmed her hair. 

I stopped giving her a dirty look and focused back on the magazine. I then got a phone call. From Harry. Great. 

"Hello?" I said annoyed

"Hey where are you? I swear to god if you are at another party I will-" 

"Whoa,Take a chill pill dude. Why would I be at a party in the afternoon?" I asked laughing.

"I don't know, but you better not be doing anything bad Ella! Are you out smoking with Ashton again?!" He said almost yelling. 

"Wow. you really don't trust me huh?"

"Well no anymore. I used to but you-" 

"I don't care when you have to say. You shall see what I have done when I get home. Bye Stupid" I said and hung up. I didn't tell him what I was doing just to make him annoyed. 

"Your hair should be dry now" The hair dresser said. 

I stood up from the hair dryer and looked at my curly bright red hair. I like it. I don't look like that idiot twin of Harry's anymore. 

"Do you like it?" The hair dresser asked 

"Yes! It looks awesome! thanks" I said smiling. 

After I payed her I glanced back at Gracie. It looks like her hair is done too. She's still blonde, but she's blonde with pink highlights. Ugh she looks so girly. 

She ran over to me. "Hey your hair looks great" she said smiling.  

"Thanks, yours looks, um well interesting" I said chuckling. 

We kinda stood there for a minute awkwardly. Then out of no where she asked, "Ella, What happened to you?" 

"Life happened" I answered rolling my eyes. I'm so tired of this question. 

"You look so different. The Ella I was best friends with would never wear those tight black leggings, and skull shirt..." She kept going on about how I changed and how I shouldn't have, and all the memories we had....Blah blah blah. I rolled my eyes. "I just wish we could go back to being best friends and you being you again. You can still-" 

I stopped her right there. "Look Grace, I know who I used to be. I used to be a idiot goodie goodie, who always followed the rules, just like who you are right now. I'm not that now. I don't like the rules now. I don't like the color pink, I don't like what you like. We are opposite. Which is why we are horrible for each other. So you go back to living a boring sad life full of rules and sadness. When you figure out that your life is no fun and you wanna be free, call me. But until then good bye Freak." I said and walked away. 

She didn't say anything back, she just let me walk away.  

I walked into my car and started driving back home. To be honest I don't really care what she says anymore. Ever since I changed she's been trying to change me back. Well, It's not gonna work. 

She's just gonna have to deal with the fact that I'm the bad one now. 

I parked in my drive way. I hope Harry hates my new hair. I did it just to piss him off. 

That, and I also wanted a big change with my hair. My red hair now makes me look a lot less like Harry. Which makes it even better. 

I walked up to my door and knocked loudly. 

Harry answered the door and his mouth dropped when he saw my hair. 

"Aww you don't like it" I said sarcastic and walked past him inside 

He closed the door and turned around. "What did you do to your hair Elly?" He asked confused 

"It's Ella! NOT Elly. Ew I hate that name. And I dyed it red because it makes me look less like YOU! and It rocks" I said nodding well smirking. 

"It looks like a troll coughed up red blood all over you" He said with a mad face. 

"what ever, I'm happy you don't like it." I said smirking and walked upstairs. 

I went into my room. It is now has black walls not pink. I looked at my phone. 

I got a missed call from Ashton. I decided to call him back. 

"Hello?" He asked 

"Hey you called?" I asked 

"Yeah. Wanna hang out next Friday?"

"Sure." I said without question.  

"Alright I'll pick you up at 7." He said after he hung up. 

Me and Ashton aren't really dating. Even though I like him and I think he likes me, It's not really official. Besides I'm not one to have 'that one true love' type of thing. Well I was like that before I decided to not be annoying. I remember last year when I was in 'love' with Niall. I was heart broken when he left. I don't know why and for a while I cared but I don't now. I haven't seen him since he left and I hope it stays like that. 

Because I know if he comes back, he won't like me anymore. 

I decided to stop thinking about Niall, because the more I think about him the more I think about how he wouldn't approve of how I'm changing. 

"We are leaving really early tomorrow Ella" Harry said opening my door.

"We? no no no. Ashton is taking me to school. Sorry but I don't wanna be seen with a loser on the first day of senor year." I said making a gross face with I said loser. He stood there with his arms crossed shaking his head. "What happened to you Elly?" He asked like he was confused. 

He really shouldn't be confused. "It ELLA not Elly. And I was tired of being in your shadow Harry. Now will you please GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" I yelled.

"Fine" He siad and left. 

Harry is the reason I'm like this. I wan Harry to know what it's like to be in the shadow. I want him to pay for me being a bad girl just like how I had to pay for him being a bad boy. My goal this year is to be as bad as possible. I just hope people don't get in the way of my goal. 

~*~*~The next day~*~*~*

I Looked at my first day of school outfit. Perfect. 

I wore a short black leather skirt and a white lace crop top. I made sure my stomach was showing at the bottom of my shirt and I pushed my boobs up so I had some cleavage. I straightened my long red hair. I put black mascara and black eye liner all around my eye. I finished my look off my adding dark red lip stick. Now I'm done. I herd honking outside. 

Harry came in and gasped when he saw me. 

"Whoa don't know how to knock huh?" I said raising one eye brow. 

"Um. Your boy toy is outside." He said scratching his head. 
"Kay" I said. I then grabbed my black back pack and walked past Harry hitting him with my back pack. 

"you look like a whore" he screamed before I walked out the door. 

I smiled to myself. 

I got in the car and Ashton was starring at me. 

"Take a picture it last longer" I said laughing 

"Wow you look hot" He said scanning me up and down. 

"Thanks" I said smiling to myself.


I walked into the school with Ashton and all eyes were on me. Guys were whistling and girls were giving me dirty looks. I smirked and walked with Ashton my locker. At my locker I found Lacy and Becca standing there. They were some friends I hung out with at parties. They both had the same style as me and I liked that they like how I changed. 

Lacy has dark blonde hair and Becca has Brown hair. Both of them were wearing a crop top like me except Lazy had high wasted shorts and Becca just had normal jeans. 

"Whoa you look great!" Becca said 

"Thank babe" I said smiling. 

We walked down the hall like we owned the place. Just then someone tapped my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and whipped around to find Louis standing in front of me. 

"Hey stranger" I said smirking 

"Hey Ella, wow you look-" 
"Please don't say I looked better before or I should change back like what Harry tells me ugh" I said shaking me head with anger 

"Chill, I was gonna say you look stunning" He said smiling 

"Thank you" I said and flipped my hair. 

"Have you seen Niall yet?" He asked 

"What Niall is here?" I said confused 

"Who's Niall?" I herd Lacy said behind me. 

Ignoring them I asked Louis "He's here?" I asked confused 

"Yeah. He siad he's gonna be back this year" Louis said

"great" I said rolling my eyes. 

Then Ashton pulled me away from him and said "We have to go bye loser" 

I then left Louis and kept walking with the group. 

"So who's Niall?" Becca asked 

"This guy. It's nothing He's just some loser I dated last year" I said making a gross face. 

they nodded understanding. 

I hope Niall doesn't get in the way of me being the bad one. I refuse to go back to my only self.


Author's Note:

Well I hope you like it guys! Please comment what you think! I really want to know you guys's opinions! 


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