Saving The Unknown

this is just some dream I can't get out of my head


1. chapter 1 Jane's P.O.V.

 Today turned out to be a good day! I felt light and happy at one in the morning walking through a slum of India. Yea now when I look back I really should't have been happy I should have been nervous  because I am a white American woman which basically plasters a giant neon target on my back  saying  KIDNAP ME I CAN BE USED FOR RANSOM!!!! But I wasn't scared I had just helped a friend of mine have her first child and for some reason bringing a new life into this world puts a skip in my step.


I am a doctor that many people have different names for. For example cikisaka (doctor), dosta (friend), khatare (danger), Chahna (love), many call me Jane. I am the doctor of the poor of india and I love my job. No I am not rich or something I work for Katrina Wenninger A very rich woman in India who had lived for years homeless in india. Some say that being poor makes you uncaring but Katrina learned love and community from many of the other people that were around her. I was only later when she learned that she was actually the only daughter of the richest man in the world. Katrina lives in a small house and does everything she can for her unlucky friends. That is where I come in I work as a free doctor for the people who need me. Katrina pays for the supplies and pays me a small amount of money to take care of those who need it.


 I was walking home and I heard  a muffled scream and having the same values as Mrs. Katrina I went to go see if the owner of that scream needed help. I peeked around the corner and I saw a man bound with his hands behind his back, and a gag in his mouth. Pointing a desert eagle at the man was Duce, Duce was the leader of a local terrorist group.  Whatever the bound man had done must have really pissed off Duce because Duce was screaming at him to go  down on his knees, most likely so Duce could kill him execution style, but the trapped man was brave and stubborn he wouldn't go down. So, Duce without hesitaion shot him in the upper thigh causing for him to fall. I knew if I didn't act now the man would be dead in a matter of seconds. I wrapped my face with a scarf and started running twords them. I drew my 9 mm and shot Duce in his right shoulder, there is no bartering when it comes to Duce. He swore and dropped his gun. I quickly ran the  twenty yards to Duce and brought the butt of my gun down on Duce's head. I could have killed him but I have a policy against taking lives unnecessarily and the Indian Police have been trying to catch him for 5 years. I quickly took the bindings off of the man and put them around Duce. Duce's henchmen must be around here and when Duce doesn't show up in a few minutes they are going to come. There was a motorcycle close by but I could only take one person with me. I hesitated. Do I save this man's life? Or imprison the man who has killed many.

Oh god please help me now.

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