Cassie has always wished to meet One Direction. She one day enters a contest that changes her life. Not only does she get to meet One Direction, she gets to tour with them! But soon finds out that 5 Seconds of Summer are touring with them! She then knows- This was going to be a interesting summer.


2. Starting the Dream

Cassie's P.O.V.

"Yup, that's me." I said, smiling up to him. "It's finally nice to meet you," Niall's Irish voice said, coming behind of Harry. "Same here," I said. "Where do I put my luggage?" "Umm... The driver will deal with it," Harry replied. "C'mon, let me show you to the limo." My mouth dropped open. "Limo?!" I asked. "Yup." 

 After 30 minutes we arrived at a tour bus. "Guys, there here!" I heard a familiar voice say. I got out of the limo and looked up. There, right in front of me was the Luke Hemmings! I heard footsteps and saw three boys, Ashton, Micheal, and Calum. "Hi, i'm Luke. This is Micheal, Ashton, and Calum." "I know- I-I mean, nice to meet you." I stuttered. I heard one of them chuckle. "Let's go inside and get you settled in."

 Its been and hour since i've arrived. The boys are all nice. "Do you guys want to watch a movie?" Louis asked. "Sure," we all replied. "What movie are we watching?" I asked."How about The Fault in our Stars?" Zayn asked."Sounds good," I answered. Throughout the movie, Niall kept stealing glances at me. 

*1 hour later*

All the boys were fast asleep on the floor. I smirked to myself. I slowly made my way over to the kitchen. I searched for some whipped cream. After I found it, I went back to where the boys were sleeping. I slowly made my way to where Harry was sleeping. I put some whipped cream on his right hand.

 I now had put whipped cream on all the boys hands. I then pulled out my phone and got on my loud noises app. I picked out a car horn and pressed it. *Car Horn* "Ahhhh!!!" All the boys had whipped cream on their faces. I on the other hand, was laughing my head off. "That wasn't funny," Calum fake pouted. "It was for me," I said while catching my breath. "She's a prankster like me!" Louis said excitedly. "That's what worries me," Liam mumbled. "Let's go to our bunks guys, Cassie, I'll show you yours," Harry said.






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