Cassie has always wished to meet One Direction. She one day enters a contest that changes her life. Not only does she get to meet One Direction, she gets to tour with them! But soon finds out that 5 Seconds of Summer are touring with them! She then knows- This was going to be a interesting summer.


6. My Prince Charming

Cassie's P.O.V.

I woke up breathing heavily. My forehead was wet with sweat and so were my palms. This was the first time I've had a nightmare in a long time. I checked the time on my phone, 3:06 A.M.

I opened my curtain and went to get a glass of water. When I got to the kitchen, I saw Harry was there as well. "Can't sleep?" I asked. He jumped back, obviously being startled. "Yeah." We started to talk about the tour and our families. It was almost time for the boys to wake up, so we headed back to the bunks.

I wanted to use the bathroom first, the boys took very long surprisingly. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face. I put on some mascara and lipgloss. For my outfit I put on a Blink-182 shirt, black pants, and black boots. As you can probably tell, I'm not that into my image.

I quickly made my way over to my bunk and unplugged my iPhone. When I was getting close to the kitchen, I smelled French toast. It automatically put a smile on my face. I soon was digging into my plate of French toast.

After I was done with my plate, Niall quickly got up. "Here, let me take that for you." I smiled, Niall was such a gentleman. After he put the dishes in the sink, he came over and sat in the chair beside me.

"I was thinking we should go somewhere, alone." "Like on a date?" I asked. "You can call it that," he answered with a wink. My cheeks turned a red color. Oh what this boy does to me.

The boys had gone out for an interview. Niall said he would take me on our "date" afterwards. Its been a long time since I've been on a date. I seriously need help with my outfit. Then suddenly a number popped into my head. I grabbed my phone and called it. *Ring* *Ring* *Ring* "Hello?" The person on the other line asked. "Hi Isabelle," "Cassie?!" I lightly chuckled. "Yeah it's me." "You haven't called in a long time." "I know, I've been busy," "Why call now?" "I need you help with something." "Let me guess, a date?" "Yup." "Omg! Finally! I'll be right over, um, where is the tour bus?" I giggled and told her the address.

After a while, I heard a knock. I opened the door to meet a smiling Isabelle. She pulled me into a tight hug. Then ushered us into the living room area. "Where are your clothes?" She asked. I showed her my suitcase. It took a while but she finally picked out a outfit. It was a black dress with a gold belt. It came right above my knees. She paired it with my gold heels. For accessories, she found a gold cuff.

I tried on the outfit. I was impressed. She then started on my makeup. I didn't want to put on that much, so she curled my eyelashes and put on black mascara. She also put on black eyeliner. To finish it off, she put red lipstick on my lips. For hair, she curled it so it would fall in ringlets. "There."

Just when we finished, the bus door flew open. Followed by talking. I grabbed my purse and headed to where the boys were. Niall stopped talking once he saw me. So did the other boys. "Wow," was all Niall said. I started to blush.

Niall took me to a Italian a restaurant. To me it looked expensive. Niall got out of the car and opened the passenger door for me. He then held out his hand out for me to grab. I giggled and grabbed it. He pulled me out and kissed my cheek. When we entered the restaurant, a waiter rushed to us. "A table for two," Niall said. The waiter nodded and grabbed two menus. He lead us to a table in the back.

"What do you want to eat?" Niall asked looking over his menu. "Ummm," I couldn't decide, everything was so expensive. Niall must have read my mind, because he said, "Don't worry about the price Cassie, just get what you like." So I got spaghetti and garlic bread. Niall got the same and ordered two glasses of water.

When the waiter returned with our order, we both digged in. "How do you like the tour so far?" Niall asked. "It's amazing, the fans are amazing," I answered truthfully. Niall laughed, "They are amazing aren't they?" We then made small talk.

After Niall payed for our dinner, we headed back to his car. He suddenly stopped and got an serious expression. That worried me. "Cassie, I love you. I know you've had a rough past few years, bit I can change that. Can you please be my girlfriend?" My eyes widened and my jaw dropped to the floor. "Nia- Yes, I'll be your girlfriend." He smiled the biggest smile and hugged me so tight, that I thought he was going to suffocate me.

When we told the boys, they clapped and cheered so loudly that the whole country could hear. I went to bed with a smile on my face. But when my head hit the pillow, my nightmare was back.

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