Cassie has always wished to meet One Direction. She one day enters a contest that changes her life. Not only does she get to meet One Direction, she gets to tour with them! But soon finds out that 5 Seconds of Summer are touring with them! She then knows- This was going to be a interesting summer.


5. Love, Meet Cassie Stone

Cassie's P.O.V.

I took a deep breath and started my story. "A couple years ago, I had my first boyfriend. He made me feel good about my self, so I trusted him. Little did I know that was a big mistake." I looked over at Niall. He nodded for me to go on. "After a while, he started to get demanding. But that wasn't the worst part, he then started to abuse me. I didn't tell anyone, I thought it would all go away. But it didn't. One day when he thought nobody was home, he started to punch and kick me. My parents ran downstairs to see why I was screaming. When I told them all about my "boyfriend", they called the police. He was sent to jail." 

 Niall had tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry," was all he said before attaching his lips on mine. I then remembered to kiss him back. His hands trailed down to my hips while mine made their way to his hair. When we pulled apart, we were both breathing heavily. I was getting this feeling that I thought I would never get again.


"I won't ever hurt you Cassie. I would do anything in my power to keep you safe. Just give me a chance," He begged. "Ok, I'll give you a chance Niall." "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I won't let you down!" He whispered yelled. "Shhh! And your welcome."

"What took you guys so long?" Louis asked. "None of your business Louis," Niall replied. Louis stood there with a blank expression. "We weren't doing what you're thinking." Niall added. "Phew," Louis exhaled.

"I think I'm gonna go to bed you guys," I said while yawning. We all were in the living room watching The Hunger Games. "Okay, we'll see you in the morning," Harry said staring at the TV. I rolled my eyes. Boys. "Oh my gosh! Look! A spider!" I yelled. All the boys screamed. "Where!?" Liam asked holding up a shoe.

"Sorry, I thought I saw one." I said trying not to laugh. Liam got a look of relief. I giggled to myself while walking to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and changed into my PJs. I went on my phone while making my way over to the bunks. I lay down in mine and closed the curtain. Tomorrow was going to be another day.




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