Remember me? // L.H.

Remember me? You made me feel like I was your everything but then left me easily like I was nothing to you...
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6. Chapter 5

*Maci's Pov*

I woke up to see Luke passed out on the floor.

"Luke..." I whispered.

Luke stirred but didn't wake.

"Luke!" I screamed.

"What?" he yelled.

"Good morning..." I smiled.

Luke laughed, and layed his head back down/
"What time is it?" he asked.


"Shit, we have an interview today at 9:30... I don't wanna go..." he pouted.

"Well, to bad... You can come back afterwards?"


We both got up, and stood face to face.

Luke slowly leaned in, but I closed the gap between us. Our lips moved in sync, and it brought good memories to my mind...

He then rested his forehead on mine.

"I love you..." he smiled.

"I love you too..."


*Luke's Pov*

"Where the hell have you been?" Michael asked.
"Oh shut up, you knw I was at Maci's..."

"YEa, we do...." Ashton rolled his eyes.

"Dude, shut up. You're just jealous that you weren't with her..." Calum defended me.

Ashton groaned and walked away.

"What's up with him?" Michael asked.

"He's pissed that I'm with Maci and he's not..." I explained.

"Okay boys. The interview starts in 10.. starting early.." a producer said.


"So, Luke, we've heard that you have a girlfriend.." the interviewer said.

"Well, she's not my girlfriend... but I hope we can get back together soon.." I smiled.

"Back together?" she asked.

"She was my girlfriend a few years ago, but um...she moved away.." I lied.

"Oh, so this is the girl you wrote Amnesia for?"

"Yes, she is..."



I walked up to Maci's back door, and tried to open in. Surprisingly, it opened and I walked in.

I walked into the small hallway to see Ashton pinning Maci against the wall, kissing her aggresively.

"What the fuck, Ashton?" I screamed.

Maci jumped, and ran behind me.

"Ashton, if you know what's good for you, then leave her alone... Just leave her alone..."

Ashton's head dropped. "I don't know what just happened... I'm sorry..." he said, and left.

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