Remember me? // L.H.

Remember me? You made me feel like I was your everything but then left me easily like I was nothing to you...
Copyright to Rylie! Please do not copy, or say that I stole this!


5. Chapter 4

*still Maci's Pov*

The next day, I got all of Lucas' favorite movies out of the basement. We just moved in a couple months ago and we are still trying to get everything organized.

Before I knew it, it was 6:30. There was a knock at the door, and I quickly opened it.

"Hi Maci..." Luke smiled.

"Hey Luke. Come in..." I said, opening the door wider.

I walked upstairs and told Lucas that Luke was here.

*Luke's Pov*

I heard someone walk downstairs.

"Luke!" Lucas yelled, running to me.

"What's up, little buddy?" I said.

He looked up at me with his big blue eyes. He really does look just like me.

"So..." Maci said, sitting down on the couch next to me. "What are we watching first?"

"Lucas, you choose..." I said.

"Umm... How about..." Lucas decided.


After watching 3 movies, Lucas was already asleep.

"Do you want me to take him to his room?" I asked Maci.
"Yea, upstairs, first door on the left..." Maci yawned.

After putting him in bed, I walked back downstairs to see Maci asleep on the couch. I grabbed a balnket, and threw it over her.

"Thanks... I didn't want to get up to get that..." she whispered.

I laughed sitting on the floor.

"I love you, Luke..."

"I love you too...'' and with that, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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