Remember me? // L.H.

Remember me? You made me feel like I was your everything but then left me easily like I was nothing to you...
Copyright to Rylie! Please do not copy, or say that I stole this!


4. Chapter 3

*still Maci's Pov*

"Wh-what?" he stuttered.

"Yea, I'm sorry, Luke... I truly am."
"Who? Or do I even wanna know?"

"Um.." I started, but was cut off by the back door slamming.

"Maci?" a male voice asked.

*Luke's Pov*

"Maci?" a familiar male voice asked.

No, that can't be who I think it is... It just can't!

"We are in the kitchen..." she called.

The guy walked in behind me.

"Ashton..." I said, turning around.

"Luke, um...this isn't what it looks like..." Ashton said.

"Ash, I told him... It's okay." Maci said.

"No, it's not okay..." I  mumbled.

"Luke, can we talk?" Ashton asked.

I nodded and Maci left the room.

"Why the heck are you dating my girl?" I screamed.

"Okay. So, while you were waiting for her to call you back. You kinda left your phone lying on the table...So, I got her number...and we started talking...and here we are..."

"Ashton, you knew she was off limits! She was mine first, and she always will be mine!"

Ashton nodded, and I walked out the back door.

*Maci's Pov*

I heard the back door shut and I slowly walked back into the kitchen. Ashton was sitting at the table with his head lying on his arms.



"I think we should break up..." we said in unison.

"What?" he asked.

Ashton got up, and hugged me.

"You and Luke should really be together..." he whispered in my ear.

Then, he left.


I decided to call Luke about a hour after Ashton left. I slowly dialed his number and pressed call. No answer... I then decided to send him a text.

To Luke:

Hey, Luke. Will you please call me back? We really need to talk...

About an hour or so later, my phone rang. Luke.

"Hey Luke..."

"Hi, Maci..."

"Ashton and I broke up.."

"What why?" I could tell her was smirking on the other line.

"We didn't think it was right... It didn't feel like when we were together...

"Really? Listen, I would really like to start over..."

"Me too.." I smiled.

"How about tomorrow, me, you, and Lucas have like a movie night or something? I told you I wanted to start helping with Lucas... P.S.- I love his name..." he laughed.

"I knew you would... And yea, let's do it here... 6:30?"

"Yea, see you then...

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