Remember me? // L.H.

Remember me? You made me feel like I was your everything but then left me easily like I was nothing to you...
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14. Chapter 13

~~“So, the last song tonight, you ALL know!” I said, and started to play my guitar. “Here’s She Looks So Perfect…”
(Skip the song)
“Thank you and goodnight!” Ashton yelled, and ran offstage.
Mikey, Calum, and I walked offstage and Maci walked up to us.
“You guys were amazing!” she said, and kissed my cheek.
“I’m glad you think so...” I smiled.
“I can’t believe this is the first 5SOS concert that I’ve been to…” Kyra said.
“Well, the first famous 5SOS concert.” Calum said, wrapping his arm around her waist. “You came to one of our gigs when we were first starting out...”
“Oh yeah, I remember now. That was a long time ago.”
I smiled, thinking about old times. But then I remembered, Maci and I broke up the day I was going to tell her about our first gig. “Come on, Maci. Let’s go back to the hotel…” I said.
“Yea, I think we all should go back before it gets too late because we are going to be on the bus for 7 hours to Atlanta, Georgia…” Michael groaned.
“Yay…” Devon said sarcastically.
“I know I slept almost the whole day today, and almost all day yesterday, but I’m still sleepy…” Maci said. “Um... where’s Lucas?”
“Oh, he wanted to stay with Michael, Ashton, and Calum tonight...”
“What about the girls?”
“They got their own room together, the only reason we got a room to ourselves is because you’re pregnant, and we already have a kid together… Who happens to be on tour with us at the moment too…?” I smiled cheekily.
“You’re such a dork…” Maci smiled, laying down me in the hotel bed. “But you’re my dork.”
“I love you.” I said, kissing the back of her neck.
“I love you too, Lukey…”
*Maci’s Pov*
“Maci, wake up. We have to leave in an hour to go to Atlanta.”
I groaned, but got up anyway.
“I don’t know why I’ve been so tired lately. I was never like this when I was pregnant with Lucas.” I said.
“I don’t know, babe. Maybe that means we are having a girl.” Luke said, wrapping his arms around my waist.
I turned around, and was face-to-face with Luke.
“You know, I’m happy I got to come on tour with you guys. I’ve always wanted Lucas to see another part of the world, and I’m glad that he gets to do it with his father…” I smiled.
“I am too. I haven’t really been in his life that long, but I love him so much! It’s amazing what one little thing can do to your life in an instant.”
“Yea…That’s how I felt when I found out I was pregnant with Lucas. He’s just a life-ruiner, isn’t he?”
“He ruined your life?”
“Well, not exactly. He ruined a serious relationship. But let’s not talk about that.” I sighed.
“Babe, he didn’t ruin our relationship, I did. I messed up and I left you. It was uncalled for but I thought that I couldn’t handle being a father.”
“You turned out to be a great one, too.” I said, kissing his cheek.
“Thanks, babe. You know, I think that now is the perfect time to do this…” Luke said, and got down on one knee. I gasped, knowing what was about to happen. “Maci, will you do me the honors of becoming the most beautiful bride of the most loving man in the world? I love you so much... and...” he paused, getting a black velvet box out of his pocket. “Maci, will you marry me?”
“Luke, wow. Yes, yes I will marry you!” I said, and he slid the ring onto my finger. “I love you, Lukey…”
“I love you too, Maci.”
Luke and I got all of our things together, double checking everything, and walked down to the lobby to meet the other guys.
“You two look happy, why are you so happy?” Ashton asked.
Luke turned me to face him and put my hands on either side of his face, making sure that my left hand was shown to the boys and their girlfriends. He leaned in and kissed me, hoping that they would notice the ring.
“What? Wait, is that a ring on your finger?” Calum asked.
Luke pulled away and smiled. “Yes, it is. We’re engaged!”
“You are so immature...” I whispered. “Really? That’s how you wanted to tell them?”
Luke nodded, and I giggled. “I’m engaged to a 5 year old in a 21 year olds body…”
Ashton walked up to me and hugged me. “Congratulations!”
“Thanks, Ash...” I smiled.
I pulled away and smiled again. “I can’t believe this is actually happening…” I whispered to myself.
After we all hugged and shit, we all got in the tour bus and were on our way.
“I am so tired…” I groaned, laying my head on Luke’s shoulder.
Luke chuckled. “Babe, you’re always tired…”
“I’m pregnant… A side effect of pregnancy is fatigue...”
Within minutes, my breathing slows, and I fall asleep.
“Mommy, wake up…” Lucas poked my cheek.
“What is it baby?” I groggily asked.
“I’m hungry… My tummy is growling…” he smiled cheekily.
I smiled, and got out of the bunk. “Why didn’t you ask your dad to make you something?”
Lucas shrugged his shoulders, and walked into the small kitchen in the tour bus.
“What do you want?” I asked.
“Toast, with vegemite…” he said proudly. “Uncle Ashton let me have a bite of his toast one day, and I like it…”
I smiled, and shook my head… This child makes my day so much better.
I made the toast, and spread some vegemite on it.
Then, everything went black.

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