Forgetting That You Weren't My Mission

Zayn has always been quite an independent, closed up guy. That is until he meets Niall and he falls hard. But love conquers all right?


8. Chapter 8

**Zayn's POV**

I sat alone in my room for about 2 hours. How could I be this devastated over a boy I hardly knew? At 7:30pm, I decided to be brave and do something out of the ordinary for me.

I got myself into my car and drove over to Niall's. I knocked on the door and Harry answered it.

"What do you want? Did I not make it clear that we don't want you in this house?!" He said to me.

I ignored and pushed past him to where I saw Niall sat causally on the sofa. He heard my arrival and looked up at me. "Zayn," He began. I ran to him and smashed my lips onto his. He kissed me back and that's all I could have ever dreamed would happen.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" Harry shouted at me. He grabbed me by my hair and yanked me off of Niall.

As soon as I was stood upright again, I slapped him across the face, hard. "Don't touch me ever again. Do you understand?" I calmly said to him.

Before he had any time to react, I grabbed Niall from the sofa into my arms and ran into my car with him.

Once we was safely in my car an driving away, he started to talk to me. "Zayn, what the hell was that?"he timidly asked me.

"I thought you wanted this," I softly said to him.

"Oh Zayn, of course I do. I've wanted you from the moment I met you. Harry got pushed to the side as soon as I realised the feelings I felt for you," he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers together. He brought them up to his lips and softly kissed my knuckles.

Words couldn't describe my happiness in that moment.

And then it happened.

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