Forgetting That You Weren't My Mission

Zayn has always been quite an independent, closed up guy. That is until he meets Niall and he falls hard. But love conquers all right?


3. Chapter 3

**Niall's POV**

Wow. The only word I could use to describe Zayn.

I shouldn't even be thinking like this when I have Harry, my boyfriend.

I just can't help it though. He's perfect. He looks like a god sent down from heaven. The way his hair is styled in that cute little quiff. His mesmerising brown eyes, his chizzled jaw line, those plump pink lips. I must be an idiot to think I could ever be with him. He's perfection and I'm... well, I'm just average.

I must have been in a deep day dream... picturing Zayn's angel-like face... because I hadn't even realised Harry standing in front of me, waving his hand in my face.

"Niall... staring into space?" he asked chuckling.

"Oh, sorry babe." I replied, giving him a peck on the lips.

"Did you get my coffee?"

"No, sorry Haz. Zayn... I mean, the coffee shop was shut."

I can't let him find out about Zayn. He'll start getting all paranoid and jealous. That was the only unappealing thing about Harry, he was over protective when it came to me.

"It can wait." He walked over to the couch and switched on the TV.

I joined him and threw a blanket over the both of us. I unlocked my phone and checked Twitter and Facebook. I was half way down my news feed when my phone vibrated in my hand. It was a message. It was from Zayn.

'Hey! Sorry about the coffee, we open at 8 on weekends. Maybe you could drop in tomorrow? :)'

I was delighted to see he had found my number which I scribbled down on the back of a receipt and discretely slipped into his hand. It was a cheeky move but it worked. I glanced over at Harry, who was concentrating on his TV show, to make sure he wasn't looking. My thumbs danced a little over the keys before I began typing.

"I'll have my usual. ;)' And I pressed send.

I guess I could be friends with Zayn. For now.


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