Forgetting That You Weren't My Mission

Zayn has always been quite an independent, closed up guy. That is until he meets Niall and he falls hard. But love conquers all right?


12. Chapter 12

**Zayn's POV**

I woke up with a terrible headache. My eyes slowly opened and the room was pitch black. There were three boxes of paracetamol sat next to two wine glasses on the bed side cabinet. I stretched my arms out and gasped as my hand hit what felt like a head of hair. I shot up and looked to my left to find a rather tanned, brunette guy sleeping away. His arms were tucked under his pillow and his face was buried under the quilt. I hesitantly reached over and slowly moved the sheet away from his face, my hand jolted back as he began to wake up.

"Mmmm." he groaned as he brought his head up and his hair fell in front of his face. I struggled to see his eyes but as he flicked his fringe back I saw they were brown. He turned on his side and his bare chest was facing towards me as he grinned. "Morning handsome." his voice was raspy and deep.

"What happened last night?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"You mean you don't remember anything?" he replied smirking.

"Not a thing."

He chuckled as he sat up and ran his hands through his hair. "Well, I don't like to kiss and tell but you were quite the charmer last night Zayn." he winked.

"Oh um... did we, you know..." I paused.

"No no no! You kept talking about this guy you used to date or something and how much of a dick some other guy is." he told me.

"I'm sorry, I seem to have forgotten your name."

"Oh, Ashton. We met in a club and you insisted I see the size of your DVD set. I thought I'd hit the jackpot until we were into the second season of Family Guy and you were blubbering away." he awkwardly smiled.

"Yeah. I'm sorry about that. Family Guy makes me quite emotional." I am such a bad liar.

"Yeah well... whoever you were talking about must be quite special. I've never met anyone who refuses to cheat on someone they're not even dating." He climbed off the bed and slipped his jeans back on.

I watched as he pulled his t-shirt over his head and straightened his hair. He pulled his phone from his pocket and called for a taxi.

"You don't have to leave yet. I can make you breakfast." I told him as I put my dressing gown on.

"I'm not gonna lie Zayn, this was great but, I don't wanna come between whatever is going on with you and your ex." I knew he was on about Niall but I was kind of disappointed when he turned me down. Niall chose Harry over me.

"Call me next time you need a rebound." he smiled and kissed my forehead before leaving my bedroom.

I heard the front door open then close and I sighed as I realised I was alone again.

What just happened?

Why has this person who I've known a few weeks stolen my heart?

Oh Niall, what have you done to me?

**Niall's POV**

I woke up with a wam body wrapped around me. I opened my eyes and noticed it was Harry, apparently my boyfriend.

I crawled out of his tight hold on me and found my way clumsily to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. I got frustrated as I couldn't even remember how I had my tea.

I just wish I could remember the boy with raven hair.

He obviously meant a lot to me and I meant a lot to him.

Harry seemed to have a problem with him. Is Zayn my ex? Does he still want me?

I rested my head against the kitchen counter whilst these unanswered questions floated around my head.

I just wish I remembered.

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