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4. 27.08.14

Welcome back to the

Ultimate Movellas Magazine!


-Movellian of the Day-

She's awesome. Amazing. Creative.

Funny. Caring. 

Give it up for...


Well done, Mirlotta!


-Movella of the Day -

This Movella, deserves this place.

Such great use of creativity, yet

funny! Give it up for...

Polite ways of Being Rude!

Congrats, Hello Fascination and Tomato!


-The Ultimate Movellas Competition-

Nominating starts! See more info on

nominating in the issue before! Remember to

use the hastag #UltimateCompetition

so I can collect in nominations! 


-What in the WORLD is happening?-

People all over the world are challenge for the Ice Bucket Challenge.

This is to rise awareness of the ALS disease and to encourage donations for the charity.

The rule is to dumping a bucket of Ice water onto the Challenger's head, and nominate someone.

When someone is nominated they have to do the challenge in less than 24 hours.

-Review of the Day-

None today. Sorry! :( 

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