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3. 26.08.14

Welcome back to the

Ultimate Movellas Magazine!


-Movellian of the Day-

Such a nice, caring and kind Movellian!

A definite must fan! She is an awesome writer

and cover maker too! Give it up for.....


Well done, Enya!

-Movella of the Day -



-Review of the Day-

This Review is on one of What's-Her-Face's personal favorites: Dreams to Nightmares by SMD1120. It takes place in a future world where it is believed that having a dream or imagination will lead to rebellion. So dreams are outlawed. Anyone, child or adult, who is caught having a dream is taken to an institution. That is where out main characters,  and  meet. Will they be able to turn this nightmare back into a dream? 

This is an original, beautiful, and well-written story, although it could use some more details throughout. There are also some details that seem out-of-place or unnecessary. For this, I give it an 7/10!



-What in the WORLD is happening?-

Hello everybody! Can we all please

show our support to all of those 

people who have been contaminated by the

disease called Ebola. It has hit mainly

hit West Africa. 



-The Ultimate Movellas Competition-

You've been waiting, so here it is! The Ultimate

Movellas Competition! Nominating for MOVELLAS starts Tuesday

26th August (NZ) (Nominations for Movellians starts after

the Movellas nominations and voting have closed, just so we

don't get confuzzled!)


Best Movella Overall - 

- Best Adventure Movella -

- Best Diary Movella -

- Best Fantasy Movella -

- Best Humour Movella -

- Best Journalism Movella -

- Best Romance Movella-

- Best Mystery Movella-

- Best Non Fiction Movella -

- Best Poetry Movella -

- Best Sci Fi Movella -

- Best Harry Potter Movella -

- Best One Direction Movella - 

- Best 5SOS Movella  -

 - Best Little Mix Movella -

- Best Sherlock Movella - 

- Best Hunger Games Movella - 

- Best Cover Store Movella - 

- Best Positive Movella - 

Remember, nominating starts WEDNESDAY 27th AUGUST!


-The Ultimate Advice Column-

If you need advice, this is where to get it! From deciding which cover to use to dealing with family issues, we got you covered! Comment below with an issue, and we will try our best to give you kind and useful advice!



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