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2. 25.08.14

Welcome back to the

Ultimate Movellas Magazine!


-Movellian of the Day-

This Movellian is truly deserving of

a round of applause! She has been a

very loyal member to this site, and has

shown her abilities in writing! Her stories are amazing,

go check them out! Give it up for....


Well done, Chloe! 


-Movella of the Day-

The movella of the day is a short

story that goes by the name

'Hannah's Heart'

It is amazingly written and I suggest you all

go check it out and give the author @River_Summers

A smile too!


-Review of the Day-

None today :( Sorry!


-What in the WORLD is happening?-

New Zealand is having their national

elections soon!

Which party would you vote for? Comment below

using this hashtag #ElectionNZ

(Only if you are from NZ, that is!) 


-Ultimate Movella Competition-

The Ultimate Movella Competition is

coming soon! You will be able to vote

for Movellas/Movellians! More info in the next



I hope you enjoyed this issue of The Ultimate Movellas

Magazine! Stay tuned for more!

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