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6. 1.09.14

Why, hello minions!

Welcome back to the

Ultimate Movellas Magazine!


It's the first day of September, have you pinched and punched 

your friend? 

-Movellian of the Day-

Now, this Movellian has the true spirit  of a Movellian. So nice. Caring. Funny. Awesome. She has a Movella called "Must Read Movellas" which really shows how much she cares about us and our Movellas!
Give it up for.... @Jade_P

Well done, Jade!


-What's up in the WORLD?!-

It is raining fluffy unicorn in the magical land of Movellas! :D

(*Cross out*)

*cough cough* Ah well... *ordering papers* A man in america had built a cardboard hideout in his office to avoid his boss! :D I think he got fired... oh well...

-Movella of the Day -

Given it up for....:


..."My FREAKING AWESOME Research on.... CABBAGE!!!!!"

This movellas is somewhat pointless(cross out), but funny at the same time! The author (Cambie)  had done a great at the illustration too, well done and keep it up! 


-The Ultimate Movellas Competition-

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