it will make you to hate the person whom you love the most

it will make you to hate the person whom you love the most is the real story which tells about a innocent girl's love which was given to the wrong person


1. Myrah


Myrah who is said for innocence a girl who has a beautiful heart .. for her everything is normal and casual .. there is no love and no affection all she carries in her heart for people is just happiness people love to communicate with her and spend time with her she had too many friends even boys too but she never thought about love even she had enough right to love her friends asks her " why dont u love some one ?" she will say i am not interested but the truth is she love t be loved by some one but she was frightened if the person ignores later considering beauty so she avoided everyone


basically she is very kind hearted and she wont hate or hurt any one so whenever she hears about her friends illness or problems she will be the first one to be there for them like wise one day she went to meet a friend whom she met in online at that time she saw another guy standing beside him she is attracted to the person and she was keep on looking at him but the guy didn't notice that days passed the Myrah wants to know that persons name , but its possible when she meets her online friend so she decides to find him over online so she went to her online friend's profile she started surfing her crush over the friend list but she couldn't find him 


few days later- she met her online friend and she indirectly asks about her crush that your friends are too good they don't use to chat in online etc .. he was surprised and asked whom you're talking about all my friends use to stay active in online she was quite shocked and then slowly said "that guy who came with you during our last meet ? i cant find him in your friend list ?" 


He was bit confused and then said "ohhh okay you're asking about manoj ?" she too said ahhh yes yes !! then he suggested his id to her .


Myrah gave him request but there was no response in one side she was happy because she got his id but the another side she was nervous about the request .


6 housr later ... - Myrah wakes up in the morning and firstly checks her mobile she can't believe it Manoj accepted myrah's request she started her conversation by wishing him good morning and suddenly she asks "you are myrah my friend's online friend right ?" she smiled and blushes thinking that even till today he remembers me so that she feel more comfort then they started talking funny about their friends their memories favourites etc ..                                                    



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