it will make you to hate the person whom you love the most

it will make you to hate the person whom you love the most is the real story which tells about a innocent girl's love which was given to the wrong person


2. Friendship Bonding


Myrah was unhappy in some ways because he may be in her friend list and they can have a conversation she needs more than that .. she wants to know all about him a more clearly and deeply but he dint like that because for him his mom is everything and then he will share everything with his mom alone and he wont share the things with other persons even to his father so this makes her feel unhappy so she wants to be his best friend but he is not interested in making that much friendship with her , and he never respond to her even he know that she is interested to be his best friend he keeps on ignoring her .


she thought the same but the truth is slowly he too started to like her as a bestiee but because of that he was ignoring her days passed she too tried and left him in his way and then months passed she cant able to live her old life again that joyful life was there but she cant live with that . she started to spend all her day along with trees and birds not with people .. 


few months later she met her online friend again and they were talking about manoj at that time suddenly he told u saw him in the hospital she was shocked and when he realise that myrah dont know anything he takes myrah to the hospital and then myrah breakdown into tears after seeing manoj with lots of injuries when she saw her he too started crying and then she came out when she cant see him suffering from that pain then 12@night she received a call from manoj she was frightened to attend the call so ... what happened to manoj is he ok ? and y he is calling myrah @this time ? to be continued ............

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