The Grier

Ashley is 14 years old and just moved from California to North Carolina. She doesn't know anyone but one day she's outside practicing volleyball and she notices a guy watching her while he is playing basketball with what looks like his brother. What will happen when the mystery boy walks over to the basketball?


1. Introduction

 Hi, I'm Ashley. I am 14. My dad died from drugs when I was nine, so it's been me and my mom ever since. My mom and I just moved from our little apartment to a really big house for 2 people in North Carolina. We just got unpacked and I will be starting school tomorrow. Starting out the new year, I have club Volleyball try outs after school. I'm planning on just walking in as "the new kid" that I'm sure no one will like.


Ashley's POV

I was outside for no longer than 5 minutes when my neighbor's garage door opened. I watch as the two boys walk out; who I suppose as the younger one, catching my eye. When he noticed my gaze, he looked over at me. He looked down for a second then back up at me with a smile, then winked. I couldn't help the blush that performed on my face as I look away quickly. A little while later I turned my head to get the hair out of my face when I saw the really hot guy with his shirt off and I my knees got really weak and I fell to the ground and then everything went black. As I work on my spike, my hair blows in my face, and gets in my way. I quickly flip my head to the side quickly, trying to move it from in front of my eyes. That's when I noticed him watching me again. I felt my knees get week at the sight in front of me. His strong arms and tan could melt me, and that's when the black took over.


Cliff hanger, sorry I will try to update at least once a week. -Irish Girl

Hey guys. So I'm helping to co-author with Irish_Girl. I'm Gizmo, some of you probably know me. Anyway. Keep reading. I would love for you to give her as much support as you can. I remember when I was just starting out and I wanted some fans. So go and fan her and like this story. She tries really hard, as do I. Alright well, bye guys! :) :D

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