The Grier

Ashley is 14 years old and just moved from California to North Carolina. She doesn't know anyone but one day she's outside practicing volleyball and she notices a guy watching her while he is playing basketball with what looks like his brother. What will happen when the mystery boy walks over to the basketball?


8. chapter 7

Ashley's pov

The next morning

I woke up to wild life by Jack and Jack and went through twitter, instagram, and sanpchat. I looked at the time and realized that I only had 40 minutes. I quickly got breakfast which was French toast and a chocolate frap from starbucks my mom got me before she left for work. She also left a note saying that she was going to be home late so she left 20 dollars for food and said that I could have someone over. After I ate breakfast I went upstairs to make my bed and get ready. My outfit consisted of jeans, pink long sleeved sweater that was Florida Universities colors. I curled my hair and put on foundation and powder and mascara also with a little bit of eye shadow from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I grabbed my gold/white Iphone 5s and my bag from pink. I went back downstairs and got a text from Hayes saying he was outside. I quickly grabbed my frap and put my grey uggs on. I walked outside and saw Hayes standing there in a t-shirt and skinny kakis and vans.

Hayes: hey babe, you look hot

Me: thanks, so do you

We then started walking down the street towards the school that Hayes said was only a 15 minute walk. Hayes grabbed my hand and we walked in hand. When we got to the school all eyes were on us. Guys were looking at me up and down and girls gave me a evil stare and started whispering. Hayes walked over to a group and introduced me to them.(A/N I gonna make the names up)

Hayes: guys this is Ashley, Ashley this is tyler, Madison, chris, Lexi, Correy, Jay, and Heather

All: hi

Me: hi

Madison looked down and saw our hands.

Madison: are you guys a thing

Hayes: yea

Hayes then wrapped his arm around me and kissed my head and Madison, Lexi, and Heather awed and the guys congrulated him.

Me: Hayes, can u walk me to the office.

Hayes: sure

We walked down the hallways and finally got to the office.

Me: hi my name is Ashley, I'm the new student.

lady: okay well here's your schedule and locker number.

As we were walking out the bell rang to indicate school was staring. Hayes grabbed my schedule and said that his locker is next to mine and we have all the same classes. We started walking to our first class which was Pre- Algebra. I had to introduce myself infront of the class and the guys and their mouths wide open and the girls were whispering. The teacher had me sit down next to guy that was practically drooling. My the good thing was that Hayes was sitting across from me and was facing me in the group clump.

**end of day**

Hayes and I were walking home and we went to my house.


sorry I haven't updated in a while I didn't really have any motivation to continue. but I saw a comment that made me get the motivation to create this chapter. so if you guys want more chapter one comment= one new chapter.     

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