The Grier

Ashley is 14 years old and just moved from California to North Carolina. She doesn't know anyone but one day she's outside practicing volleyball and she notices a guy watching her while he is playing basketball with what looks like his brother. What will happen when the mystery boy walks over to the basketball?


6. chapter 5

Hayes pov

we are currently walking to this big tree for Ashley to do a photo shoot. I was really excited because she has really good talent. I pulled Bryant away from the group.

me: hey is there anything you could do for Ashley to get in the business of photography?

Bryant: I could talk to management to see if they could hire her.

me: thanks

Ashley pov

we got there and I used Taylor first and told him to climb the tree and sit facing the other way. He got ready and I took some pics of him. He came down and I showed him the pics and he really liked which I was really happy for.

Bryant: how about Ashley does a pic for each of you boys.

boys: k

me: whos next

Nash walked over to me and I told him to stand against the tree and put his foot against the tree and  look away. I took some pics and showed him.


after I did each of the boys we started walking back to the house.


we went back and Bryant pulled me back to talk to me.

me: whats up

Bryant: I talked to my management about you being a photographer and they said that you have an interview with them a week from today.

I was beyond happy cause I always wanted to be a photographer.

me: that's great but what I need to do to the interview.

Bryant: you have to bring in some pics and I think you should adjust them to make them perfect and then you have to print them out.

I gave Bryant a big hug for doing that. Hayes then walked up and put his arms around my waist.

Hayes: why are you so happy

me: Bryant got me an interview with his management

Hayes: that's great babe

Bryant: you guys are dating

me: yea why

Bryant: aren't you a little to young to date

me: no we are both14


this is kinda a cliff hanger but not really. do you think you guys could give me some feedback on how this story is doing.


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