The Grier

Ashley is 14 years old and just moved from California to North Carolina. She doesn't know anyone but one day she's outside practicing volleyball and she notices a guy watching her while he is playing basketball with what looks like his brother. What will happen when the mystery boy walks over to the basketball?


5. chapter 4

Ashley pov

I could tell that Hayes was a little jealous when he wrapped his arm around me when Cameron hugged me. But it's not like I would break up with Hayes for one of the guys. don't get me wrong they are all really hot but they are way to old for me. But Bryant just told me that I was a better photographer than him but he is way better than me.

Cameron: how did you learn to take pics like this, did you take any classes?

me: no I just took some pics when I was in the car with  my family and just took pics.

Hayes: well you should be a photographer

me: i want to but no one really knows that I can take pics like that, but that's my dream job

Nash: then we should do a photo shoot right now and Ashley should take pics

matt: yea lets do that

Everyone then dried off.

me: okay guys so there is a big willow tree over there so let walk over there.

everyone put on shoes and i put on my pants.  we then started waking through the corn fields that were behind mine and Hayes house. we got there 10 minutes later. all boys ran except for me and Bryant. but hayes came back cause my feet hurt. he started running and i felt like i was going to fall off his back.


sorry another cliff hanger but i just didn't really feel like updating that much but sorry i couldn't update the whole week cause i was really busy but i will try to update 4 or 5 times a week.

but please tell me how this story is doing cause i feel like its laggin.


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