The Grier

Ashley is 14 years old and just moved from California to North Carolina. She doesn't know anyone but one day she's outside practicing volleyball and she notices a guy watching her while he is playing basketball with what looks like his brother. What will happen when the mystery boy walks over to the basketball?


2. Chapter 1

Ashley's POV

The light from the sun hit my eyes as I woke up to two dark shadows standing over me.

"Think she's alive?" One of them asks the other.

"Probably," the other answers.

I squint my eyes, protecting them from the harsh glare of the sun, and push myself up.

"Hey. Are you alright? My name is Hayes," mystery boy says, holding out his hand to me.

"Yeah. I think so. I'm Ashley," I say, taking his hand as he helps me off of my driveway.

"This is my older brother, Nash," he says, pointing to the taller boy with blond streaks in his brown hair.

"Hey," I say to Nash.

"Hi." He smiles.

"Do you remember what happened? You just kinda passed out. Are you sick?" Hayes asks.

"I was just practicing for Volleyball try outs and I saw you take your shirt off. Then I guess...I passed out."

I look at the two of them. Hayes had a smirk on his face, and Nash couldn't contain his laughter as he finally let them out.

" did you realize that I passed out?"

"I heard your Volleyball bounce down the driveway and noticed that you were kinda on the ground." He laughs.

"Wow. I'm so stupid." I look up at him, from where my hand now lie on my forehead in disappointment. "How long was I out for?"

"I think like three minutes. Not that long," Nash answers.

I got up and saw that I was behind there house with a trampoline in front of me. I got really excited and turned around really fast and whipped my hair in Hayes' eyes. He backed away and held his eyes. I ran over to him. I looked around for the first time, noticing that I was behind their house. In front of me and behind them was a trampoline, and a few trees.

"Alright well, I better be going now. Sorry for...passing out," I say awkwardly. I turn around really fast in attempt to flea the premises as fast as possible. Just when I thought nothing could make this experience any worse, I notice that I fling half of my hair into Hayes's eyes. He grips his face, rubbing his eyes.

"Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. Ugg. I can't believe this is happening today."

"It's okay," he says.

"Do you guys just want to jump for a while? We don't have to talk?" Nash offers. I smile.


I guys I know I said that I would only update if I get 5 likes but I just wanted to continue with the story. but if you guys can give me some feedback on how the story is that would be great and really awesome

love you all




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