"You can't escape!!" He ran after her.She suddenlt tripped to a rock and fell down.He smirked,unzipping his pants.

"Hehe..Now you have no es-"he fell down bleeding.

Matt,Mello,Near,Light,Beyond and L walked to her.Mello,blonde one, was holding a gun smirking.L smiled,

"Well,Well..wanna try running away again,Ms. Jess?"

"N-No.."How couldn't she ran than these boys fight over her!?


Jess Clarkson, a girl that lost the most important person for her,Alice..

Than she changed.She became used to his bullies.She even became a fangirl over Death Note and bands and books..
It helped her to keep on living.

But one day,It all changed.She is coming closer to her dream,but which one she gonna choose?

Her dream or her new and true friends or Alice..?

But something she doesn't know is,that It's already too late to escape.


1. The message

Okayyyyy,Im a Death Note otaku, so I'll OFCOURSE write a fanfiction about it.Its about a death note fangirl/otaku girl that gets stuck in DeathNoteWorld.So lets see what will she change!

Its a little NGNL(No Game No Life) xD

-Do I look like own Death Note?I wish...But I don't


I tried to don't blink.But after watching all the Death Note for six time it was hard to don't..

I was at my pajamas,eating toast as a lunch and wishing Death Note was real..My family was on the Chicago,but I was trying to don't die on L.A.!I thought all the good foods they might be eating..Lucky them.

I sighed as I heard door bell.I put my phone to the table and walked to the door.It was saturday,who could it be?

I opened the door,but there was no one.Only a new phone box.I looked around and took it inside.I opened the box.

I checked numbers but there wasn't any.Photos were empty.But all the Death Note manga series were there!That was really strange...

Suddenly someone sent a message.It was from 'End'?..I decided to read it.

-Dear Jess Clarkson,

I'm making dreams real.And I want to play a game with you.Please open your laptop,put the phone on your pocket and put your headphones on,too.

I did what the message said.I saw a link on my e-mails as I opened the laptop.It was than the same person.

-You are bored than being bullied and along?

I nodded.I answered back.


-Do you think that Death Note is better than our dirty world?

-Yes,I do.

-Great.So,if you can,will you change the Death Note?

That was strange..Why was he asking that?Why me?


Suddenly I find myself on the street.Wait..It wasn't L.A...It was more like..Japan?Like a anime-

A new message came.

-Lets see if you can.Welcome to,Death Note.


So,I hope its good!! And is cover good or should I change it?..

Love ya all-MsCrap-

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