"You can't escape!!" He ran after her.She suddenlt tripped to a rock and fell down.He smirked,unzipping his pants.

"Hehe..Now you have no es-"he fell down bleeding.

Matt,Mello,Near,Light,Beyond and L walked to her.Mello,blonde one, was holding a gun smirking.L smiled,

"Well,Well..wanna try running away again,Ms. Jess?"

"N-No.."How couldn't she ran than these boys fight over her!?


Jess Clarkson, a girl that lost the most important person for her,Alice..

Than she changed.She became used to his bullies.She even became a fangirl over Death Note and bands and books..
It helped her to keep on living.

But one day,It all changed.She is coming closer to her dream,but which one she gonna choose?

Her dream or her new and true friends or Alice..?

But something she doesn't know is,that It's already too late to escape.


9. Missing Someone

Hi my lovelys~!I’m studying really hard for my exams(everyday!wish luck to your poor author).But today I asked my friend what she wants,and she choose one of the ideas I told her!!So I hope you won’t be angry to her and me(dah poor author xD) bc of this change on Fanfiction~~ ^-^’ehehhee..

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Warning/1/:Look,I don’t own Death Note,but in my hearth,I am! xD

Warning/2/: I’m gonna make it 150 read!So help me xD Read o.o’’

So here our suprise chapter!!!


Mello locked the door after pushing Eva to inside his ‘tidy’ room.It was tidy and not smelling like rotten egg mix sock but whenever someone enters his room,they gasp.He can be tidy too,right?

“You can kill yourself just by walking inside room!” Eva mumbled.She was right.Floor was full of half working or super-working guns,bullets and pop-tarts,toffifee...

“You like pop-tarts?...” she smiled at him.He hushed her.If someone hear that word..

“I like as well!..” she mumbled.She stood up and looked at room.Pictures,guns,chocolates,a lot of chocolates..wait,was it chocolate-waterfall?!..

“Why do you like chocolate that much,Mello?”She asked.She had seen Mello eating chocolate everytime on manga..But she didn’t know why.

Mello started moving nervously.Than he sighed.At least,she had to learn something about me at all..he thought.

“Alice liked strawberry a lot..She was eating whenever she could.At first,I found it weird as well.One day I asked her about it.She told me that eating what makes her remember her dark past,makes person never forget and never ever do it again..So I find this on chocolate..”Room was smelling like toffifee now.A week later,it was winter..He will be working with everyone,to catch Kira..

I’ll beat them..I’ll..he thought.Eva looked at a girls photo.Her eyes widened.

“T-This is A-Alice?..”she started taking deep breathes.Mello found it weird.Really weird...

“What’s it?You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”He walked to her closer,with worried and ready to attacked steps.She stepped back at the same time.He was becoming closer and she was just stepping away as she can.

She looked trough the door and pulled herself to out with her all power.But she couldn’t when Mello catched her arm.She tried to get out,she yelled,kicked and scrathed him.But then she got tired.He wasn’t hurt or angry.He was looking with his direct smirk on his face.

“Now,Now, tell me what was it?”he forced her to look at his eyes.So he could understand if she was one of those liars.

“In your sweet dreams.”she used all her power to force herself looking through his eyes.His eyes...How does Mello expects her to not being lost in his eyes?..

“I’m asking with my calm self,once more.But next time,I have to warn you that there won’t be ‘the kind Mello’ anymore.If you don’t want to see my angry face,answer;what.was.it?”

She looked down.How could she answer that?It was way too personal..But-No,she can’t..But-I can’t!she reapeted to herself in her thoughts.



But-No...NO!! She wanted to scream but she couldn’t.Words were stuck on her throat.She couldn’t speak.Mello hold her face with his strong,chocolate smelling hands.She was being forced to look at his eyes.


But what if she can trust him?...

She closed her eyes.She couldn’t stand seeing those eyes full of mixed feelings.Her feelings were mixed at the same time too.Her memories were passing one by one on her head.


A little girl with long black haired ran down the stairs as she can.She was over eight or nine.Her legs were trying to run away than them.Than those people.Again.

“SIS!!”she yelled.She stumbled down which made them became closer and closer.She tried to stand up but her legs were too tired for it.Her brain was telling her to stop.’Why are you running?They will reach you anyway.No escape..That’s way too silly to run away.You won’t ru-‘

“I’ll...”she mumbled.She forced herself to stand up and started running again.They were about to reach her,so that she was hearing their footsteps.A cold hand catched her by her arm.She hoped It wasn’t them.She looked at the person with widened eyes.

“S-Sis...”Older girl sighed.She patted on little girls head.

“How many times do I have to tell you that we are not sister,so stop calling me sis?It makes me sound old.”She smiled.Little Girl was about to cry.Not because of sadness.Because of happiness and hope.

“Okay,Alice.”Older girl kept running with her.Wind made her feel like they were flying.

“Come on,Jess!You are way too slow,or else they’ll reach us.”That idea made Jess wanna scream.She didn’t want to know or think what would they do to her if they...No,she musn’t think those kind of thinks now.She’ll escape,together with Alice...


“Alice!Wait for me!” Jess yelled.She was excited for beach they were going for summer holiday,too.But there was something other than being excited on Alice.She was acting strange,again.

She tried again.

“Alice!Please,wait for me!”Alice looked at her with a emotionless face.That made Jess scared.Alice was always full of emotions...

“Be fast.It’s your problem for being too slow.Now walk faster and stop talking.”Her voiced came angry.Jess has seen her angry just once,when bullies hurted Jess on schools first day.

“S-Sorry.”she replied,walking faster than before.She looked at the bright light that was becoming closer..

“U-Uh..?”Suddenly Alice pushed her away...

“ALICE!!!!”She screamed.Blood..Doctors said that her reason of death was blood lost.

*Flashback ends*

“Don’t l-leave me along..”she mumbled,still lost in memories.Mello raised his eyebrow.

“If It’s what you want..” he let her hand go.He stood up and sat down to carpet.He thought it would be better if he let her think or calm down a bit.But than he heard the sobs.

“How did she die?...”She asked,wishing its all dream,one of those ones..But Mello looked deaper to down.He didn’t wanted to remember that day again..But It made him remember over and over again..


Mello looked at her,

“If don’t want me to lock you here for forever,you better come back as soon as possible.”he warned her.She smiled.

“Mello,Mello,Mello!I swear if you don’t miss me,you’ll have to worry for your self.”she punched his arm as a joke.He smirked.

“Darling,we are going.”Beyond looked at her.Mello felt something was wrong..H just rathered ignoring it.Alice took her bag and ran to that damns arms.

“Let’s go darling!” she said with a cheerful smile.Mello stayedon the room.Should he let her go with him?..

Suddenly he changed his idea.He ran to garden.She was already sitting in the car,ready for her ‘romantic’ holiday.L was on his room,watching and letting them go,just watching..Mello looked at Beyond’s face carefully.

He ran to the car,he yelled,

“GIVE HER BACK!”Beyond smiled to him which made him realase everything..He let her..

“YOU DAMN,GIVE HER BACK TO ME!!!” he ran after the car.But it didn’t stop.Mello falled to his knees.Alice...

*after 2 week,end of their holiday,beyond comes back*

Watari knocked the door,

“Mello,please come.We have to talk something very important.” He said.Mello nodded.He was very excited.Today,Alice was coming back.He was smiling again.He ran to living room.He saw L,Beyond,Near and Mello sitting.Their face was depressed.

“Where is she?” he asked smiling.L pointed him to sit.He did.Was something wrong?

“She died mysteriously..”He said.Mello stopped smiling.He looked at them emotionlessly.

“Who..?H-How..”he couldn’t talk.Beyond started talking

“I’m very sad..My love died..It’s surprised for me too..” Mello saw that smile on his lips again..He jumped on him and started punching him.

“YOU KILLED HER!!YOU!!!I’LL KILL YOU!YOU DAMN!!!” he yelled.Watari and everyone tried to stop him.Than he looked at L,

“You knew that..a-and you didn’t stop her..You l-let her die..”he screamed.He ran to her room.He locked the door and looked at everything with crying.

“I don’t believe you..She didn’t die..She wouldn’t do that to me..”he mumbled with sobs.It was the first time he was crying.

He spend 3 week in that room.Only eating her old sweats and orange-juice’s.After it,he was the same Mello again.But he wasn’t smiling.He was more angry.He was more crazy about winning.And he was carriying a gun now...

*Flashback ends*

“She just died..” he mumbled.Jess hugged to Mello.Mello looked at her tears,understanding.

“I missed her..I know It’s weird but I knew her..I..I miss her...” she said sobbing.Than she cried again.Mello hugged her back.

“I miss her,too..”he said.

He stood up and unlocked the door,leaving her on carpet surprised,with tears.He got out,

“I promise to you,I’ll make that person pay..I’ll kill him with my hands and make him pay it..”he locked the door back.She nodded after him.

She entered to bed –which was smelling like him- and hugged to pillows.She falled asleep,with her wet tears...


So This is Alice!!!

Next chapter will be Light!I promise!!!!

Oh and please read my new fanfiction: The Ghost King:Nico Di Angelo.


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