"You can't escape!!" He ran after her.She suddenlt tripped to a rock and fell down.He smirked,unzipping his pants.

"Hehe..Now you have no es-"he fell down bleeding.

Matt,Mello,Near,Light,Beyond and L walked to her.Mello,blonde one, was holding a gun smirking.L smiled,

"Well,Well..wanna try running away again,Ms. Jess?"

"N-No.."How couldn't she ran than these boys fight over her!?


Jess Clarkson, a girl that lost the most important person for her,Alice..

Than she changed.She became used to his bullies.She even became a fangirl over Death Note and bands and books..
It helped her to keep on living.

But one day,It all changed.She is coming closer to her dream,but which one she gonna choose?

Her dream or her new and true friends or Alice..?

But something she doesn't know is,that It's already too late to escape.


5. Matt's Luck

Chapter 5

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Matt looked at his bag.

"More underwear or More video game..."he sighed and kept thinking.He took video-games to his bag.He looked trough the door,where Near was looking at him with his used calm,a little too calm, face.

"Watari askes you if you are ready for breakfast."Matt nodded.After a munite Near left,He walked to L's room to ask him about trusting who.

"Hey,Nerd-head,you are on my way.” Said a annoyed voice.Matt looked at his face than ground,and cursed under his breath to him.Another boy that was passing saw them and ran away fast as he can.

“Actually you are on my way,Mello-no,I mean blonde.”Matt answered back,trying to stay calm.As Mello put his gun to Matt’s chest,since he was used to it,Matt was holding his pistol on his throath.

“Tch..You are still on my way,asshole.”Mello cursed.Matt smirked,

“Want me to teach you how to flirt with ‘chicks’?”Mello looked at his face angry,angry enough to kill anyone on his way.

He pushed Matt and walked away.Matt made a ‘tch’ noise.

“I don’t like loosing my time on this maniac..” he mumbeled to himself.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -_-_-_-_-_-

He knocked L’s door,which his heart was telling him it wasn’t very clever idea.As L opened the door Matt was shocked on what he was looking.L was looking really annoyed,bored and angry.As he saw the girl that was sleeping on sofa,he understood what happened.

“Ehm..L I wanted to talk-“L pulled him in and trowed his self out,

“I have work to do.It won’t be problem if you wait next to her,until Watari cames.”he slamed the door to Matt’s face.He was shocked about what happened.

“Uhm..Who is it..?”he looked at girl with a deep blush.She was showing too much skin than needed.He looked around the room to find something to hide them.But he knew he wouldn’t be able to find anything on un-tidy room.He wondered how did she did this..

“Matt?..” she stood up and steped to him.He looked at her again rubbing his head.

“The one and the only..”He smirked.She giggled pulling him to sofa.He sat next to her hoping Watari will came soon.She started playing with his hair again.

“By the way,why are you here..?”she asked.Matt smirked,

“I was going to ask L something about Kira case,but first of all,I have to ask what are you doing here.”She stoped and gone in her deep thoughts.

“Last thing I remember is,me eating L’s cakes..I think too much sugar..?”she took the glasses than Matt’s eyes,which he didn’t like it a bit.

“Give them back..”he kept his calm –boy act on.She gave it back to him,

“Why are you using this..?I don’t think that it’s for fashion..”Matt looked at her half sleepy face.She looked secretive to him.

“Because I don’t like water..It helps me to feel okay.”She kept killing his heart with her deep blue eyes.He looked at her than away,

“I don’t know how to swim..” he mumbled.It was more like whisper than mumbling.She looked at him than laughed a little.

“You look cute when you blush.”Matt looked at her eyes shocked.

“W-What-“She rubed his head with her soft and warm hands,than his cheeck

“No..You look cute.”She smiled which was enough to melt his heart.He smiled and kissed her head,she blushed at him,waiting for him to explain what was that.

“You too.” He stood up,”I have a breakfast to eat,so c’ya later,babe.”He winked to her and left her shocked on sofa

“Babe?...” She whispered her question to lonely room.Room and her.ehm..maybe some cakes and folgers on ground..Lots of folger…

“Someone must teach L what tidy means..” she mumbled.

L sneezed which all the kids looked scared and worried.

“Are you okay?”Watari asked after giving Near his puzzle.L nodded.

“I think someone talked wrong about me..”he mumbled which made Mello sweatdrop.Matt entered to room.

“Why do you have a kiss stain on your cheeck?!”Mello,Near and L asked at the same time.Matt smirked,

“I won a sweet kiss than ‘chick’”Mello looked angry,

“I thought we all forgot that chick thing!-“

“She kissed you?..”Near asked,showing anger on his voice.

“Unforgiveable….”L mumbled.Matt sat to his chair smirking.

“Well,Matt is 1-you guys are 0.”Matt could bet he saw something scarey like his eyes on L’s eyes.Something too dangerous to even talk about it..

“He is coming back..”One of the kids looked confused,

“Who,L?”Mello was looking shocked,Matt was worried about Jess which Near was trying to understand how.L looked at the kid and let cursed name heared,

“Beyond Birthday…”All the kids looked scared that even Watari was nearly droping a glass.

“How cool..It will be more exciting now!” said Jess,that was leaning to the door,watching everyone with her warm smile.

“And I’m the maniac…” Mello mumbled after Jess’s words.Watari nodded.

“How am I going to deal with you kids?” he thought.


Yeyyyyy!2 chapter in a week!You guys must be lucky,but now I have to work on my homeworks.Really.I have exams too and this is my last year on highschool.So let me work! @.@ wish me luck T_T

Note:It’s true that Mello and Matt wasn’t friends or something..Some kids would even call them enemies.And Matt is wearing that glasses bc he is afraif of water..L eats too much sweet that he never had special treat like birthdays..It’s all really true.So no need to thank me ;o

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