"You can't escape!!" He ran after her.She suddenlt tripped to a rock and fell down.He smirked,unzipping his pants.

"Hehe..Now you have no es-"he fell down bleeding.

Matt,Mello,Near,Light,Beyond and L walked to her.Mello,blonde one, was holding a gun smirking.L smiled,

"Well,Well..wanna try running away again,Ms. Jess?"

"N-No.."How couldn't she ran than these boys fight over her!?


Jess Clarkson, a girl that lost the most important person for her,Alice..

Than she changed.She became used to his bullies.She even became a fangirl over Death Note and bands and books..
It helped her to keep on living.

But one day,It all changed.She is coming closer to her dream,but which one she gonna choose?

Her dream or her new and true friends or Alice..?

But something she doesn't know is,that It's already too late to escape.


4. Little War

Chapter 4

Hi everyone!!!I know that I didn't update fast,but school!!Oh and I finished black butler as well~So I took my phone than my mom secretly,so let's do it for the love of Jess!!(≧≦)

Warning:Maybe I don't own death note but I own Jess so,Muhahaha!!!


-Whammy house-

Near looked at the big lego city he made.He smiled proudly until Mello came.He grinned like a devil and jumped on city.

Near looked sad at his bullies job.Mello smirked and kneeled next to him.

"Haaa?What's it?Our robot is sad?"He smashed a piece of lego and trowed at Near."Robots have no feelings,just like you."He walked to the door.

Near looked down at his smashed lego.He bit his lip,

"Robots are stronger than some silly humans..."Mello stopped and looked back angry,

"Toy-head."he left the room.Near stood up and walked to garden.It was very rare for him to go out at nights.But tonight,L was going to come and talk to them.At least with Near,Matt and sadly Mello,too.

Near sat to his chair that Watari showed.He looked at Matt and Mello.Watari clapped his hands,

"Boys,Say welcome to L." He said as a boy that haves bags under his eyes and a messed black hair came.He was looking emotionless.

They all stared him.The man that talked to them,.Man that adopted them.. Man that they all wanted to be, was next to them.



Near looked at his puzzle at the same time listening that voice.L's voice..

Mello was leaning to the wall and eating his chocolate.Matt was on the corner,looking through his cigarette.

Girl named Linda giggled and asked to L,

"Are you afraid of anything?"Others agreed at her question.It made Matt,Mello and Near interested too..

"Am I scared of anything..Ofcourse yes.Everyone is afraid of liars,criminals,persons that even won't save his best friend to catch a criminal..poeple that can hurt anyone if he want's to,or monsters that under beds to hunt you.." everyone was nodding.

Mello bit a piece of his chocolate as Matt sighed just like Near.They thought It was going to be something cool.

"I am that monster."all the kids started to whisper 'what was that?' to each other.

Mello,Matt and Near's eyes got widened as they heard it.After that day,they couldn’t be even able to forget it..

He was that monster.

*****[Flashback ends]*****

Mello looked at the girl that stands behind L.She was wearing a short and long t-shirt with black boots.

She smiled to boys.Matt dropped his cigarette and psp.Near blushed and nearly falling than his chair..Mello just smiled with his chocolate on his mouth.

"Who is that chick?"He asked.She smiled and sat down a chair.

“I’m Jess.But you can also call met the-awesome-jess or worlds-coolest-girl-is-jess too..”She looked at boys and giggled.Mello looked angry again(like always)

“What you are laughing at?!”She stopped and looked at them.She cleaned the tear that wasa about to come.

“Meeting you guys,even talking..It was my dream..”she answered with her cheerfull voice.Boys looked suprised.

“Meet us?How do you even know about-“Matt stopped talking as Jess started playing with his hair.She gasped,

“Your hair is cute..It suits you, a lot..”Matt blushed,

“T-thanks..I think..?” She ran next to Near which was just looking at her.She huged him which made everyone (even Watari and L) shocked.

“You are so little and kawaii!!~”Mello coughes at her silly move.


She looked at him.Jess looked at him motionless,

“Sorry,but this ‘chick’ is busy.” Mello looked shocked as Matt trowed water than his mounth.Near smiled happily.

Mello’s face became red as tomato,

“What the heck you think you are,you baka?!You think I even care someone like you?Think again!!”She winked at him which was enough for him to shut up.

“I would like to see your motorcycle..”He smiled proudly,”But first let’s talk about the plan we made for Kira.” She smirked,even Matt knew that was meant to be evil-smirk.


*Me trys evil smirk*Just how the hell you do it?! Q-Q

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