"You can't escape!!" He ran after her.She suddenlt tripped to a rock and fell down.He smirked,unzipping his pants.

"Hehe..Now you have no es-"he fell down bleeding.

Matt,Mello,Near,Light,Beyond and L walked to her.Mello,blonde one, was holding a gun smirking.L smiled,

"Well,Well..wanna try running away again,Ms. Jess?"

"N-No.."How couldn't she ran than these boys fight over her!?


Jess Clarkson, a girl that lost the most important person for her,Alice..

Than she changed.She became used to his bullies.She even became a fangirl over Death Note and bands and books..
It helped her to keep on living.

But one day,It all changed.She is coming closer to her dream,but which one she gonna choose?

Her dream or her new and true friends or Alice..?

But something she doesn't know is,that It's already too late to escape.


11. A Spark On Light's Heart

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I love ya people!You are reading my damn stories and it makes me happy.

NAHHHHH WHATEVER! hehehe,so here the chapther that I promised.This time,we gonna be with Light-kun..It sounds weird

to add 'kun' to Light..lol You Author-sama gonna write a chaphter!

WARNING-sama: Author-sama doesn't ownes Death Note-sama,but she ownes this fanfiction-sama.


Light looked at window.Wind was becoming stronger and the rain was becoming heavyer.It was too quite,if you ignored the storms noise.

Poeple in the street was trying run away or find somewhere to hide.Dogs were barking after cars that was making them wet.

He had sent his dad away without himself.It was Sayu's birthday.Ofcourse he wouldn't waste his perceius time eating and singing birthday songs.He told his dad he was too busy with L's un-done jobs.Everyone was on Sayu's birthday too,which make everything easy for him.Now he was free as a bird.

He ran too the roof and looked at the biggest rooms door.It was Ryuzaki's room..He opened the door and entered with a smirking face.

But he get shocked when he saw the room.

"What is this.." he mumbled.

Room was totaly empty.There was only a computer and a t.v. on the ground.Room was empty and dark.But these wasn't the reason he was scared.

Rooms walls was full of newspapers about kira.There was a 'KIRA' word on the wall with something red.He hoped it wasn't the thing he thoughted.He saw a hand print on the wall.It was looking like someone that didn't clean his hands after eating sweet and touched that part of wall.

He came closer to it.He touched the hand print,to understand if It was sugar or something like it.Sadly,It was the blood.But suddenly wall started moving and shaking as he stepped back.

"Secret door,huh?Very well L,very well.." he stepped in and kept walking until he reached to the bottom.

"Ugh..why is it too dark?" he took his phone out and used it's flashlight to see better.

"Oh.My.Sweet.Kira.." walls were full of her,Jess's photos.Her photo while sitting,eating or even sleeping.Thats was really scarey.He wanted to scream that,to tell everyone.And learn his damn true name and kill him.

He heard the elevators noise from hall.He quickly got out and closed the room back.He ran too the noise.

A blonde guy was carrying Jess.Her eyes weren't open and she wasn't moving.He ran to her.He saw L smiling.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" He jumped to him but another guy stoped him.This one was smoking and wearing weird things.

"Calm down!Who are you?Matsuda..?" he asked.Light looked at his face like 'are-you-kidding-me?'

"No you damn,I'm light,not Matsuda.And you better tell me what you did to her or you won't live more."He looked at Ryuk telling him to be ready to tell Misa to kill them.

"Light-kun,Please calm down.She is just sleeping.She was too tired of travel." L came smiling.He turned to him.

"Who is these guys?!" There was a little white-head too..Since when was he there,too?..

"This is Mello." he pointed the blonde that was carrying Jess."This is Matt" he pointed the smoking one.He was already bored and playing with his PSP.

"This is Near." he pointed the little one.He kept staring at light,at the same time curling his hair.

"And this i-"

"And I'm the Beyond Birthday.But call me Beyond." Light looked at the guy that was really same looking with L.Just like twins.

Beyond was walking same.He got black hair too,but he was wearing a grey t-shirt and his eyes were red (which light find creepy) and he was smiling like a creep.

"They'll help us on the Kira investigation." L explained.Boys nodded just Near.Maybe he already thought he could be Kira?No,he couldn't.Light sighed.Now,there was three L and two more creep to fight.In the other hand,It was becoming reallyinteresting.

"Okay..But for now,what about waiting for others to come-"Near cut off,

"They will not work with us anymore.This case needs to be more serious,which is hard to make it with them.They will do nothing but make us slow."he stood up and walked to the sofa that was next to the big sofa.

"B-But..my da-I mean the chef was in the team too!"Light was angry that there wasn't anyone that he could control with his acts easily.This was bad..

"It was Light,right?"Mello asked.He was looking with a direct smirk on his lips.Light nodded.

"Ok,Light.Are you mixing the job and family things together?Thats what little kid does when he can't gets his candy?" Half of the group laughed,others enjoyed the moment with their gigles.Light smirked like a Devil.

"Well,this kid can get dangerous if he don't gets his sweet." everyone expect Beyond knew that he ment Jess as sweet. Mello smirked.

"Try to touch at her,met with your death."he pointed others with his head,"Same goes for them."

"Ghihihihi.." laughed Ryuk.While Mello guy was taking sleeping Jess to the room,Light saw the pistol on his belt.He realized that everyone but L had a gun hiden on their clothes.He tried to take a deep breath with not showing his shock.

"Humans are so interesting."Ryuk mumbled.Suddenly Light's phone rang.He answered,

"Hello?"He looked tried when he heared Misa's voice.

"Light!!~I have bad news"She was crying.Was it about Kira..?!

"What's it,Misa?" He could tell that Matt was smiling.

"I have to go away for a year to India,for my new movie..!"she yelled,with a broken voice.Light looked at L,which was looking looking at him very evil.

"What's it,Light-kun?"he asked,acting like he didn't plan it.Light cursed under his throat.

"Misa,why?Can't you stay,my dear?" he tried to sound more sexy and romantic to make her change her idea.Maybe it could work.

"I wish I could,But this movie is going to be with famous people!I can't do anything to change it..Sorry!.."She cried more that other people had to close her phone and try to make her calm.Atleast,that was what he heard than noise.

"You did it,right?" he looked at L.L opened his mouth to talk,but Matt cut him off,

"Nope.I did." Light looked at him.Who was he?How could he do it by his self??

"I have been hacking that famous people's programs and contracts for the time I came here.It was like stealing candy than a kid.Maybe next time,I'll steal that kids sweet.."he smirked as a threat and walked away.

"You can watch me doing it too.." Near said,walking away too.What was that..!

"Well,since I want that sweet," he walked away,kitchen Light guessed,"I'll do my best too.."

L was sitting on the chair,already eating his cake.Light sat to the chair as well.

"Don't tell me that you want her too..."he said suddenly.L put his cake to coffee table.He looked at ground,

"Sadly,I want her as I much as want to catch Kira."he thought for a second than talked,"Maybe more than catching Kira.."

He looked at Light,

"What about you,Light-kun?Am I right to think you want her as well?"

Light sighed and leaned back,look to the up.Could it be possible that he wanted her..?Could it be possible that he was falling in love with her?Could it be possible that it was the reason he had butterflies on his stomache since she was around..?

"I guess..."he said.

"Than it's a new game to win,over Kira.."Light smirked,

"I'm not Kira."He said it again.L took his cake back again.

"I accept this as a yes,than."Light laughed at him.

"When will you change your idea about me,Ryuuzaki?"

"uhm....Never,I guess"

But Light knew that what L said was true.It was a new game for Kira to beat L..But what if Light loved her,not Kira?..


Soooooooo!!!!I have worked and think too much on this chapter!I had to write it over again for five times.(T-T) Just that I didn't press on save button!!-.-''' Hehehe,anyway.I had a really rough week.

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