little mix and one direction dark

this story is about little mix and one direction not knowing either other until something happened


4. x factor

                                     nikki prov........... 

the morning and got dressed in this 

we are and went to the x factor 

we were waiting in line  

what is your name going to be little mix we all say at the same time  

little mix your on  

                            on stage.................. 

hi the judges say 

hello we said in sync 

who old are you guys  gary said 

17 -18 i'm the youngest i said  

what are your names tulisa said 

i'm alex this is marie, selena and nicole alex said 

what will you be singing louia said 

change your life selena said 

who is that by kelly said 

we wrote it marie said  

ok go on 

                                                           after we sang 

wow tulisa said 

i think this the group we are looking for kelly said 

i agree the world needs a girl band louis said 

i agree too gary said 





we screamed 

and ran back stage and hugged the boys 

then we went back home and packed for bootcamp 


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