little mix and one direction dark

this story is about little mix and one direction not knowing either other until something happened


2. reunion

nicoles prov.......... 

i'm nicole horan i have blonde hair and blue grey eyes 

my best friends are alex marie and selena 

we are going to jail for a crime we did not do 

got to go we are getting off the bus 

as soon as we got in the jail all the guys were grabbing at are clothes i just punched and hit them when they touch me or my friends the guards had to hold me down to stop me from punching and hitting them 

my friends had to calm me down 

it's okay we are okay nikki selena said 

sorry but we do not belong here i said 

the guard said we had to go to bed so we went to sleep 

                                   in the morning............. 

get up girls the guard said we have to have eat marie said 

we got let out of our cell and all the guys are looking at us and trying to touch our clothes i get really mad and punch them till they are bloody the guards and my friends had to hold me down 

we got her alex said the guards let me go and we got some food we search for a table when my eyes get caught with a familiar blue eyes like mine he gets up with his friends and come over to us 

is that you nikki niall said 

yes i said 

what the hell are you doing here you don't belong here he yelled in my face 

we were both screaming at each other until the guards restrained us 

she does not fucking belong here he screamed 

her and her friends d belong here they beat up some guys from school and slit their throat so we will decide if they or guilty or not horan the guard said and walked away

are you guys fucking stupid the guys screamed in sync 

no we yelled  

then why the hell would you do that niall yelled the boys sat down with the girls and me 

we didn't we were framed by some friends  alex said 

who louis said  

we can't tell we said at the same time 

why the hell not  they screamed 

they have something on us i said 

who is it nicole  niall said 

he only called me that if he was dead serious 

the wanted and fifth  harmony we all all said quietly

you know we were sworn enemies i told you not to go by them  niall said   

shut the fuck up you do not tell me what the hell to do 

we have court at 1 so sit and shut the hell up dammit i said 

you have to tell them we get out tomorrow we will protect you from them tell them the truth we have 5s0s ed cher taylor vanessa ashley  we got your back niall said 

me and the girls sighed 

what they asked 

if we get out we are trying out for  x factor in manchester  marie said 

no you are not i will not let my baby sister do anything you could get hurt and the girls we all known each other all of our life's niall said 

i protected myself when you lift for four years of prison let go girls i yelled 

                                    alex ,marie and selena prov.... 

we are trying out know matter what niall siad 

                                            one direction prov........ 

we have to let them go on x factor they will have body guards harry said 

i agree we all said except niall 

they glared at him 

fine and they cheered 


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